Looking Ahead to U=U in 2020

More than three years ago, the Prevention Access Campaign launched the U=U initiative, an international effort to spread the scientific consensus that individuals with HIV who maintain an undetectable viral load cannot sexually transmit the virus to others. On World AIDS Day 2018, Baltimore joined that consensus with the unveiling of U=U Maryland, a community-led coalition working to spread the U=U message in Baltimore and beyond. As U=U looks ahead to its fourth year, we caught up with Murray Penner, the North American executive director for the Prevention Access Campaign, to learn more about the current state of the U=U […]

Gua Sha: What the Heck is It?!?

As a manual physical therapist, I’m always looking for new ways to work with the body and was recently introduced to gua sha, a 2000-plus year old Chinese medical treatment involving scraping the skin with a spoon or a coin. Gua sha originally used either a spoon or a coin in order to scrape the lubricated skin in one direction in order to free the chi stuck in an area, such as the lower back, neck, shoulders, thighs, etc. I’ve been told this was often performed at home by grandma, who would just pull a soup spoon out of the […]

MENTAL HEALTH MOMENT – Break Free from Digital Addiction!

by Dr. Thomas Franklin As we begin a new year, it’s a good time to pause and reflect. When were we our best selves in 2019? What can we do differently or better in 2020? I believe one of the most important things you can do to be your best self in 2020 is to put down your phone. Here’s what I mean: we have all become addicted to our phones. It is understandable. Our smartphones provide real value to our lives. But their ubiquitous overuse has caused a digital addiction epidemic. This overuse is especially apparent in young people. […]

I’m overweight and Considering HCG

Is it safe and does it really work? A discussion with Dr. Eric Nager of Belcara Health By Dr. Eric Nager If you want to lose weight, an HCG diet program can be a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey. It involves a very low-calorie diet, combined with injections of HCG, a naturally occurring hormone that has been used to assist with weight loss for decades. HCG helps by allowing men and women to lose weight rapidly, without hunger pains, weakness, irritability or muscle loss. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that women produce when they become […]

Ten Pounds of Flour

There are two “hard limits” around wedding venue selection. Your anticipated guest count – which is to say, your guest list – and your budget. These are numbers that bring quantitative definition to your wedding. They are boundaries within which your wedding must stay. Your hard limits cannot be exceeded. Nothing that anyone says or does, save for someone adding to your budget, can change them. Establishing these two hard limits before you start touring venues, entering contracts, and spending money will save you a great deal of pain and suffering. I’ve seen lots – and I truly mean lots […]

Aloft Ocean City

Aloft Ocean City 4501 Coastal Highway Ocean City, Maryland 443-373-0800 Aloftoceancity.com   Put down that fork and change out of those sweatpants. With the holidays over, it’s time to get your ass moving around and get out of town for the weekend. Leash your two- or four-legged kids and head east to Aloft Ocean City for some off-season fun without the crowds. Aloft Ocean City is the latest addition in the middle of OC, overlooking a beautifully scenic part of the Assawoman Bay and still only a block from the beach. Its hip, lifestyle concept is kid-, pet- and couples-friendly, […]

Employee Wellness

Working in the healthcare arena has opened my eyes to the increased focus on mental health, and the importance of employee wellness. In years past, employers had the mindset that stress inducers were primarily emanating from personal or home-life situations. This thinking has evolved to acknowledge stress is also emerging from the workplace. In response to rising levels of stress, employers are rising to the challenge. According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) 90% of US employers are offering some component of mental health coverage in the form of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), mental-health coverage, substance […]

Are You Ready for the Silver Tsunami?

Zillow analysts have reported that between 2017 and 2027, over 900,000 baby boomer-owned homes will go on the market every year, and that will increase to 1.17 million units of housing inventory from 2027 to 2037. That means approximately 20 million properties, (or 27 percent of currently owner-occupied houses) will flood the market, as the elder generation passes on or gives up their homes. Arizona and Florida, the two states that have the most retired residents, will experience the highest inventory jumps, expected to top 30 percent. Zillow’s Jeff Tucker explains, “In many parts of the country, the Silver Tsunami […]

Simple, Healthy Changes for 2020

Dear Readers, Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. When a person can’t stick with the changes they planned – which is what usually happens – they may feel like a double failure. Not only are they continuing the behavior they meant to change, they also have been unable to keep their commitment. Considering this, my first thought was that it might be best to swear off the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions. But on second thought, it would be a shame not to make good use of the motivation for positive change that many people feel at the […]

Do We Need Conflict in a Relationship?

Imagine this scenario: Your partner and you have similar temperament. You both like some solitude and time for yourself separately, and then enjoy being with one another and with friends. You are on the same page with political views, religious beliefs, and even follow a vegan diet. Heavenly? Or not? Personality theories on relationships predicting harmony vary from it being enhanced by similarity or by compatibility. The more similar we are to our partners, the less the conflict. However, one of the glitches in the human mind is that change towards improvement does not come when all is well and […]