Jake’s Old Baltimore Style Seafood

Jake’s Old Baltimore Style Seafood 19178 Coastal Highway Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 302-644-7711 Jakesseafoodhouse.com There’s something about being at the beach that makes me crave seafood. Oysters, crabs, rockfish, oh my! While tanning myself on the beach, a simple search of area restaurants led to a new discovery. Half of the seafood restaurants in Rehoboth are owned by one of a couple parent companies, all having menus that are too similar to each other. All I wanted was rockfish stuffed with crab imperial. If you grew up along the Chesapeake, you would understand how simple this craving was. Instead, search after […]

Ten Steps to Mindful Wedding Planning

Your wedding planning – just like your wedding – is a spiritual, emotional, and physical experience. It involves contemplation, conversation, and even collaboration. There are big decisions to make, serious discussions to have, and often, a jillion details to manage. Almost every relationship in your world will be considered and examined. There are places to go and people to see. That’s a lot to do! Couples that haven’t prepared themselves for wedding planning often fall into confusion and chaos. So here are ten steps to help you plan your wedding with ease and joy. Do it together – Two of […]

Applying Al-Anon Teachings at Work

A passage from Al-Anon text reads, “Let me reflect how much damage I may have done, and may still do, by saying the first thing that comes to mind. Let me realize that the worst reaction of unbridled anger falls upon me. What I say in a single moment of uncontrolled rage can have inconceivable long-range consequences.” Reading this in the morning, and then again a few hours later, the words began to sink in. I might add that while these sentences are not necessary intended for the workplace, there is certainly an ability to apply them so. While it […]

Fun on FIRE ISLAND Storied gay summertime resort on coastal Long Island

Famous Fire Island is a place to visit in the summer for a mini “gaycation.” It’s located off the southern shore of Long Island. The island is 31 miles long and varies between 520 and 1,300 feet wide. The drive from Baltimore to the Sayville Ferry Service is about four-and-a-half hours and the ferry ride is about 15 minutes. The two car-free communities that receive a lot of attention from the LGBT community are Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines. Transportation is only by foot on neatly constructed boardwalks. To haul things around, you either need luggage with wheels or […]

OPENING THE DOOR TO Affirming, Affordable Home Health Care for LGBT Elders

Chase Brexton / LGBT Health Resource Center Many LGBT elders struggle to find welcoming, affirming health care providers – and the stakes can be even higher when they consider opening their doors to in-home assistance. The issues surrounding personal home care for LGBT elders, as well as tips for finding the right provider, will be discussed at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop offered by The LGBT Health Resource Center on Thursday, August 9th from noon to 1:30 pm at Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street, Baltimore). We asked Suzanne Bartley, business development executive with […]

Relationship Expertise

What does your resume show? If you’re an employer and see that an applicant for an IT job has worked at one position for five years, is that a positive? If you see that the person has been at Google for four years and at LeggMason for five, does it add to the qualifications? This is a definite generalization but often, t, the sentiment goes the other way: A relationship failure! How does one learn what makes for a strong and healthy relationship? The self-help industry in all aspects of media makes a mint telling us how to, what to […]

Hair Loss in Women

Dear Dr. Eva, I am a 36-year-old woman. For the last several years I’ve had ongoing hair loss. My hair is thinning all over my scalp. It’s not male-pattern-like baldness on the crown or the front hairline receding. My other hair areas like eyebrows and pubic area haven’t changed. Since I first noticed this, I’ve been very gentle with my hair. I don’t dye it, don’t treat it with any kind of chemicals, don’t even use hairdryers. I keep it fairly short, just down to my shoulders. But the hair loss has continued and now has gotten to the point […]

Finding the Right Lawyer for You

A good lawyer is like a good friend – someone who is smart and honest, has your best interests at heart, and is enjoyable to be around. But finding such a lawyer can be an intimidating experience. Should you look online? Ask a friend to suggest someone? And how do you know when you’ve found the lawyer you need? Here are four things to look for when seeking legal counsel: 1) LGBT bona fides – Your first priority should be to find a fellow member of the LGBT community. Working with a lawyer means letting down your guard and entrusting […]

Phuc Yea

7100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami 305-494-0609 Phucyeah.com While away on vacation last week, I was so excited to spend time with a very dear friend. She suggested dinner Saturday night at a Vietnamese-Fusion restaurant, Phuc Yeah, in Miami. Granted, it was a bit of hike from where we were in Fort Lauderdale. But the name of the restaurant grabbed my attention, so there was no question we were going. Located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami or South Beach, Phuc Yea is located in an area of Miami that’s in the midst of reinvention. That said, it would […]

Let’s Talk Dessert!

Weddings are about two things: celebrating the union of two people, and providing hospitality to those who’ve come to celebrate. How you chose to do those two things is entirely up to you. That freedom extends to dessert! Cake – Love wedding cake? Wonderful! Go for it. There are dozens of cake flavors from which to choose, with an exponential number of layer combinations. Add to that all of the possibilities in surface decoration, and you have infinite varieties of wedding cake. Cupcakes – One step away from cake brings us to cupcakes, which are simply cake in a different […]