Is Summer Sun Sun Really Fun?

Dear Dr. Eva, I like to get a tan and keep it through the summer. I’ve been doing this for years. I tan gradually and don’t let myself get burned. Do I need to worry about skin cancer? Glowworm   Dear Glowworm, Unfortunately, there is no safe tan. Although a gradually developed tan can protect some people from sunburn, tanning is caused by the same ultraviolet light frequencies which cause skin cancer, ultraviolet (UV) A and B. People who tend to tan rather than burn do have a lower baseline risk of skin cancer, but they increase their risk with […]

Chaos Around Us

While we were coping with social distancing, quarantine, isolation, and fear of an invisible virus, as I write this, we are seeing the powerful reactions in our cities to George Floyd’s killing. It is impossible not to be affected by this and of course, certainly not in the LGBTQ community. Any group that is treated as an outgroup, whatever the criterion may be, is familiar with the feelings towards the injustice and discrimination. How are you dealing with this state of the country? How are your relationships and your mind coping with the anxiety, anger, frustration, and depressive thoughts over […]

My TEDx Talk Experience

It all started one evening on November 2nd, 2017 while volunteering at the Gender Conference East in New Jersey. At our staff dinner, that evening I was sitting next to a gentleman named Jean. While talking with Jean he asked me if I have ever done a TEDx Talk before. He suggested I pursue one at Asbury Park, New Jersey, with the next theme on “Passion.” He then texted a gentleman with TEDx Asbury Park. Later, I was in a session given by my surgeon Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner. I shared my surgical experience with the audience and expressed the gratitude […]

Fusion 2020

Baltimore can get cold in the winter! Mind you, I said can get cold, but lately it seems to be more temperate – maybe it’s the fake news of “Global Warming” conspiracy by the Democrats …oops! Anyhoo … Who here remembers leaving the outside water tap open just enough to allow a trickle of water when temperatures got below freezing? We did, but why? Exactly! If the water sits still in the pipe during freezing temperatures then the water will freeze and burst your pipes, and who wants that disaster? If the water is moving, even at a trickle, it […]

The Sun and Me

A discussion with Caroline Harvey of Belcara Health Preparing your skin for summer   By Caroline Harvey Q: “I love how I look with a tan, is it really that bad for my skin?” A: Thank you for this important question! Summer is around the corner, and after months of quarantining, we’re all more than ready to get outside! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Tanned skin is damaged skin; damage that could have long-lasting, potentially life-threatening, consequences. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the leading cause of skin damage. Too much unprotected sun exposure significantly […]

Celebrating National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day 2020

With so many LGBT older adults isolated at home and cut off from their usual sources of support, National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day came directly to them this year with online stories, videos, and memories of those who created the path and led the way. Organized by the LGBT Health Resource Center in 2016 and added to the nation’s official registry of days that same year, National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day has grown with each annual celebration. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the celebration to go online, but we received dozens of memories and heartfelt stories from […]

MENTAL HEALTH MOMENT – BIG (Baltimore Pride) Feeling

As an educator in the mental health field, a lot of my professional dialog ends up being about feelings. Big feelings, little feelings, hidden feelings, reactionary feelings. We feel them, we handle them, we empower students to understand them. The hardest feelings to navigate are the ones that bombard us and feel unfair to us, like they have been dumped onto us, especially ones triggered by an event that we have no control over… like a global pandemic. Loneliness, grief, insecurity, stress, restlessness, and fear (just to name a few) have found homes within us the last few months. All […]

Working Through COVID-19

I don’t think I really understood what it would be like to work in a hospital when COVID-19 hit us. No, I am not on the front line caring for patients, but I am right in the thick of things none the less. Prior to COVID-19, my role in Human Resources found me focusing on retention, engagement, compliance, and reinvigorating our Diversity Council. It seemed as if overnight, things changed. I was now educating myself on National Incident Command training and became part of our hospital’s Incident Command Center; my new jobs became Support Branch Director, and Personnel Manager. In […]

Love Before and After Transition

Taking you back prior to my transition in 2010, my love life was average. I did good at dating when I was not in a relationship. I was married twice before and engaged to be married again for the third time. My first marriage only lasted six months, because she said she really was not ready for marriage. The second lasted before it was all over 19 years. I felt like it was a good marriage, but with issues here and there. During my 19 years of marriage I was still crossdressing all through that time, denying to my wife […]

What is a discectomy?!?”

It doesn’t happen overnight. You have exhausted your Google searches and You Tube videos and now the over the counter have stopped working. The pain gradually gets worse until you can’t ignore it anymore. You need to do something about the pain in your back that is now radiating down your leg (or maybe it is numbness, or even tingling, either way it is NOT normal). You see your PCP, then off to an ortho who recommends a discectomy. You are now thinking “What is a discectomy?!?” Before we dive into what a discectomy is, let’s start with the disc. […]