Bringing Just Culture to Your Workplace

An employee is running late and parks out front of the office building, runs inside to punch the time clock, and then returns to their car to park in their assigned area, The employee arrives to their department ten minutes after their shift starts. Sound familiar? We’ve all experienced the situation where we are disciplined for an action or behavior that we may or may not have full control over. Maybe we’ve also experienced the other side of the table – doling out the punishments rather than receiving them. It certainly is easy to take control of one, two, or […]

Tax Time Shortcuts Tips to make April 15th feel like July 4th

By now you should have received your W2 or 1099 forms for all the work you’ve been paid for in the past year, more than $599.99, and other forms of income. That’s right it’s tax season. So why would a tech article talk about taxes? Today most taxes are submitted electronically by either the taxpayer or a tax preparer. There are several things you can do to electronically prepare your taxes. First, I recommend scanning your documents into a PDF format, or downloading them from your employer’s website, or other places you get tax documents. The IRS accepts electronic documents […]

Fun in Philly

With the rich history and charm of Philadelphia, a weekend trip to Pennsylvania’s largest city offers a great getaway for the weekend traveler. Getting there is easy: by car (as you are peppered with annoying tolls), by bus (tickets starting at $15), or by train (Amtrak starting at $40). Philadelphia has an estimated population of 1.5 million and more than six million in its metropolitan area. During the past century, its population identity has slightly shifted. In the 19th and 20th centuries, immigration and migration to the city resulted in large concentrations of African-Americans, Asians, Germans, Italians, and Puerto Ricans. […]

Creating Your Guest List

    The size and composition of your guest list has a lot to do with getting the wedding you want. It affects the time and cost involved in everything related to your guests, from the choice of venue to the cost of catering to the length of the reception, among many others. In a less tangible but equally important way, your guest list affects the energy or, if you prefer, the feel, of your ceremony and, to an even greater extent, your reception. Creating a guest list for your wedding can be a source of stress, frustration, and confusion. […]

EXPRESS yourself What to consider about gender expression

Chase Brexton Health Care Individuals’ gender identities, and the ways they express them to the outside world, can be among the most personal, emotional, and important aspects of who someone is. There’s no “correct” way to express one’s gender, but there are many factors to consider when making the decisions that feel right to you. Your primary care provider can be an important resource in this process, and help aid in safe decision-making. We asked Dr. Elyse Pine, a pediatric endocrinologist with Chase Brexton Health Care’s Gender Journeys of Youth program, to explain more about gender expression. What should individuals […]

How to Live / Work with a Difficult Person

Is there anyone in the world who has had to work or live with someone who creates conflict or makes your life difficult in general? The bottom line is that you have to learn to negotiate in life whether it is for eight hours a day or all the time you are in the living quarters. The simplest example is the person you share workspace with and one who talks loudly or keeps asking questions that interrupt your day, or the one who likes it too warm or too cold so keeps overriding the thermostat. It is easy to dismiss […]

Is Throat Gonorrhea Real?

Dear Dr. Eva, A friend says that he was treated for gonorrhea in the throat and was told he didn’t need a follow-up test to make sure it was gone. Does this make sense? Is there such a thing as gonorrhea in the throat? And if a person has an STD, don’t they always need to a follow-up test to make sure it’s gone? Dubious Dear Dubious, Yes, there definitely is such a thing as gonorrhea infection of the throat. Throat gonorrhea is picked up when a person gives oral sex to a man who has gonorrhea of the penis. […]

Screen Time Which display is best for what?

This past September, Apple triumphantly announced both the iPhone 8, the next generation in the current series, but also the $1000 iPhone X, supposed to demonstrate the future of mobile phones. Yet only this month, rumors abounded that Apple was planning to kill of the iPhone X this year, due to much lower than expected sales. The thought was that they would rather avoid the embarrassment of a failed model that is relegated to a collector’s item, instead of keeping it around for several years and making them available at discounted prices as is the usual Apple practice. The original […]

My 2¢ on Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an open-source, digital currency. That means that pretty much anyone can help create (or mine) Bitcoins and it’s only used for electronic payments. Because the currency is all digital, it’s not tied to a country and can pass quickly and anonymously as payment between people or people and companies. Where can you use Bitcoin? You can use Bitcoin as online payments to other people and there are some ATMs that can be used to withdrawal your Bitcoins in exchange for local currency. There are also some companies – such as Expedia, Virgin Galactic,, Zynga, […]

How to Salvage Potentially Damaging Office Situations

This week we were able to salvage a potentially damaging office situation with a client group. In a team meeting where the main topic was engagement and communication, a supervisor was sharing his point of view with the audience (of almost 50 people). As he was speaking, he kept using the phrase “when I was just an employee.” As we were standing in front of the group, we could see some raised eyebrows and concerned facial expressions. Quick to see this reaction, we were able to nip this in this in the bud by asking the speaker to clarify his […]