Letters from The Wolfman

Ten days before Halloween, a letter was left on my front porch, sealed in a plastic bag. A neighbor found it and, having received a similar letter two days prior, called the police. We were told not to touch the letter and to await the responding officer. While we waited, my neighbor gave me an overview of the contents of his letter and his reason for concern: a mentally ill man, believing himself to be a warrior of God, was living in the woods and had written a dozen pages of rantings and ravings, Bible scriptures, and implications that he […]

Haircuts, Masculinity, and Me

I’ve been thinking about growing my hair out. Since 14, I’ve been slowly cutting it back, with the exception of senior year of high school, when I donned an afro that left people sitting behind me in class frustrated. These days, it’s shaved on the sides, with a fade at the top that I sometimes allow to grow to a length such that one ringlet of a curl can be seen. My journey with hair has been, well, arduous. As a child, it was my telltale giveaway that I was assigned female at birth. My grass-stained jeans and backwards cap […]

Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

The best photos that were ever taken of me pre-transition are from days where I almost died. There’s a resignation in my eyes in those photos – a kind of surrender that poked through every cheeky smile and goofy pose I could muster. I can see it and so can others, now that they know to look. A fair number of those photos exists – but that’s nothing compared to the number that exist of me from the last eight months, since I started transitioning. The photos I take today are nothing like those old ones. The old ones were […]

Joining the Maryland Defense Force

Getting sworn into the Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) as a state guard soldier one evening in November 2011 was something I’ll never forget. This is Maryland’s state defense force. The MDDF is organized as a volunteer military organization, parallel to the Maryland National Guard, which it is designed to augment during stateside emergencies. Before getting into my journey with MDDF let me take you back to August 2011. It was a summer day in August when I was with the Prince George’s County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT program trains citizens to prepare for emergency situations in their communities. […]

A Chat with B’more’s Fiercest New Bar Owner: Night Shift 2.0’s Beth Cooper

The Night Shift 2.0 celebrated its grand opening on October 4th to the delight of many in the Baltimore LGBTQ community. Located at 1725 Ponca Street, The Night Shift 2.0 already serves as a beacon for everyone in the community looking for a place to be themselves. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with owner Beth Cooper. “My inspiration,” began Cooper, “was to continue to provide an-all inclusive place for everyone in the LGBTQ community. I had been affiliated with other safe-spaces and I didn’t realize how special it was for people to have a place of their own to feel comfortable. […]

FUN AROUND TOWN Four Interesting Outings For Baltimore Families

Esteemed American actor Michael J. Fox once said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” In recent years, Baltimore has become increasingly LGBT-friendly, and is also rated as a popular destination for LGBT families. While the city is known for its rich history that includes having more monuments per capita than any other city in the USA, it’s also home to a number of quirkier family destinations. Whether you call Charm City home or are merely passing through, be sure to pay a visit to some of the most unique and exciting destinations in the city. Catch a glimpse of Hogwarts […]

Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

Any parent will tell you that raising children isn’t easy. The late-night feedings, public tantrums, and constant need for attention can leave even the most devoted mom or dad feeling exhausted. But for those of us in the LGBTQ community, simply becoming a parent can be just as challenging. Whether we try adoption, surrogacy, or other means, the process is likely to involve anxious waiting, many false starts, and difficult legal hurdles. It’s natural then, that same-sex couples and other LGBTQ parents are especially grateful for their children and would do anything to protect them. This sense of devotion should […]

Optimizing Employee Benefit Options

It’s getting to be that time of year. If you haven’t already, you should soon receive your 2020 employee benefit options from your employer. These options typically involve selecting a health insurance plan, dental, and vision coverage. Your employer may also provide for things such as life insurance, disability insurance, and/or a flexible spending account (FSA). Because you have to wait a full year before you can change your mind, it’s important to take care with your elections. Check out our infographic on benefits enrollment for a quick summary Partnershipwm.com/benefits-enrollment. Life insurance – Employers often provide some sort of basic […]

Mr. Maryland Leather 2020 Is…

Oya Ra, a member of the Illuminati House of Ra, was selected Mr. Maryland Leather 2020 at a contest held on Saturday, November 2nd at the Ottobar in Baltimore. He was also awarded the David Allen Brotherhood Award. ShipMates of Baltimore club member David Sugar was first runner-up and Timmy Brehm from Nottingham, Maryland, was second runner-up. This was the 30th edition of the popular contest produced by COMMAND MC to select Maryland’s representative at the International Mr. Leather Contest held each May in Chicago. The event is also a fundraiser, and last year COMMAND MC donated over $10,000 to […]

Uganda may have reversed plan to execute gay people

Kampala, Uganda – On October 10th, Simon Lokodo, the Ethics and Integrity minister of Uganda, announced in an interview with Reuters that he planned to introduce to the Ugandan parliament a bill imposing the death penalty for same-sex relations and “promotion and recruitment” of homosexuality in order to curb a rise in “unnatural sex.” Fortunately, the government appears to have had a change in heart on going forward with this so called “Kill the Gays” bill according to the Peter Tatchell Foundation and Pink News in a post by John Milton on October 18th. LGBTQ activists were wrapped in fear […]