Texas governor asked to expand health care during crisis

Dallas, TX – Lambda Legal attorney Shelly Skeen said that while her organization is known for its impact litigation, there are other ways to get things done — like sending a letter to the governor of Texas. The Dallas office of Lambda Legal sent an eight-page letter to Gov. Greg Abbott asking him to expand Medicaid coverage to Texas under the Affordable Care Act, at least temporarily. The point of the letter is to help the state save millions of dollars, Skeen said, noting that sometimes a letter pointing out statistics and other facts can be the most effective tool […]

Washington State Lt. Governor launches the Mask Challenge

Seattle, WA – Washington State Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib has launched the Washington Mask Challenge, [See https://www.ltgov.wa.gov/mask-challenge ] a statewide initiative to encourage Washingtonians to make, wear, and donate homemade cloth face masks. I’m hoping you will join me in taking up this challenge, the Lt. Governor said.             The Washington Mask Challenge is a partnership between the State of Washington, United Way, and Serve Washington. The program will facilitate homemade mask donations from the general public to organizations in need such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, food banks, and more. Lt. Governor Habib said, “[t]hese organizations regularly work with […]

Charlotte AIDS WALK 2020 goes virtual

Charlotte, NC – In its 24th year, AIDS WALK Charlotte is one of the largest HIV awareness and fundraising events in the Carolinas. Due to shelter-in-place orders, this year’s event has gone virtual, so qnotes reached out to organizers to learn more about how one can be involved and how the event has changed. The walk supports the Charlotte-based HIV service organization, RAIN, and its programs for people living with HIV and AIDS in our community. Debbie Warren serves as the organization’s president and CEO and Nathan Smith is RAIN’s vice president of philanthropy.             Asked how the organization is […]

Three US Supreme Court cases will impact LGBTQ workers

Los Angeles, CA – The US Supreme Court is expected to announce its decisions in the coming weeks on three cases that address whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity. Two of the cases – Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia and Altitude Express Inc v. Zarda – address sexual orientation, and the third case, Harris Funeral Homes v. Stephens, addresses gender identity. The Supreme Court’s decisions will determine whether LGBT people across the country are protected under federal law if they are subject to employment […]

The art of love

When gay actor turned writer/director Mike Doyle’s feature-length debut played the festival circuit it went by the terrible title “Sell By”. Opening in theaters this spring, the movie is now called “Almost Love” (Vertical Entertainment), which we can all agree is also very bad. Thankfully, the movie itself is so much better than either of its names. Adam (out actor Scott Evans, younger brother of Chris) is a painter in New York. He (barely) makes a living (by NYC standards) producing paintings for famous artist Ravella Brewer (Patricia Clarkson) whose signature at the bottom of each piece brings in an […]

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Most of us find ourselves stuck at home while we continue to practice social distancing measures. Consider using your time at home to work on spring cleaning your financial picture. Like many others, you may have several “to do” items that you have been too busy to complete or forgot about entirely. With so much uncertainty about the stock market, employment, and the general state of affairs, you might not want to spend a lot of time looking at your investments, budgeting, or related items. There are, however, plenty of other things you can do to help improve your financial […]

Tito and Hobbs Last Sunrise

Well I am not sure where to start. There is so much I want to say, and my thoughts are all over the place. It was right after hurricane Gustav when a dog showed up at our doorstep. He was kicked out of a truck at the edge of our property. The kids fell in love with him right away. I on the other hand, I told them no, “We can’t have a dog,” because I knew what it would take to keep him, and I shooed the dog away. Over the next few days or maybe a week the […]

Help at the Auto Store

So, I went to get brake pads for my car today. The woman helping said, “Can I help you ma’am?” I told her in a joking manner, “I needed my car to stop, so I guess I’m looking for brakes.” She thought I was being serious and after getting them, she asked if I had someone to change the pads for me. I said, “No I’m going to change them myself.” So, she got small tube of anti-squeak lube and told me exactly how to apply it on the brakes. She made sure I knew not to put it on […]

My Keystone Experience

In 2010 I went to my first Keystone Conference, as Karen before I transition full time. When I was invited by a friend to go to this conference, I was so excited to be able to meet old friends and make new ones for life. After seeing a few friends, I checked in with the hotel’s registration desk, and to my surprise I was welcomed with smiles by a wonderful staff. I then checked in with the conference registration table for my name tag and program book. A book full of information on workshops schedules, from life stories to Gender […]

E.D. and the Surgical Options

In my last article we discussed the use of injected medications for E.D. called Bi-mix and Tri-mix. The article before that we covered Viagra and Cialis. In this article I would like to cover the surgical interventions for E.D. Why is this important? Because 30% of men will have some level of E.D. by the age of 50! It can start as difficulty initiating an erection, or unable to maintain it, or not robust enough for penetration, and worse case scenario, no erection at all. Surgery is typically the last line of interventions, after having failed oral medications and injections. […]