Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Unites Community Through Sound

In these trying times, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has used music as the universal language to unite our community. Baltimore OUTloud recently spoke with Tonya McBridge Robles, the Vice President and General Manager of the BSO, regarding engaging content that has reached the masses through both online mediums and social networks. Frankie Kujawa: Could you explain for our readers how the BSO is engaging with audiences during this time of social distancing? Tonya McBridge Robles: During this time of social distancing, it is vital to the BSO to continue our mission of engaging, inspiring and educating audiences through music. […]

Taylor-made: an interview with Holland Taylor

According to Ryan Murphy, “Casting a television show is like casting a dinner party. It’s like, ‘Well, who do I want to sit next to for the next six months of my life?’” In the case of his new Netflix series Hollywood, premiering on the streaming network on May 1, 2020, he set an amazing table, and seated his guests just so. One such guest is out actress Holland Taylor who plays no-nonsense 1940s movie studio exec Ellen Kincaid. Ellen is someone we can fall in love with immediately; a smart, tough, single career woman who plays a big part […]

Your 2020 quarantine reading list

True stories In 1988, shortly before his death, disco legend Sylvester did an interview in which he talked about working with legendary record producer Tommy LiPuma. That record never came to be, but LiPuma did work with countless other music icons including  Barbra Streisand, Randy Newman, Patti Austin, Jennifer Holliday, Diana Krall, Brenda Russell and Paul McCartney and you can read all about LiPuma in The Ballad of Tommy LiPuma (Nardis, 2020) by Ben Sidran. Now available in paperback, Mama’s Boy: A Story from Our America (Vintage, 2019/2020) is the memoir by Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk, […]

No Safe Word

One of the basic principles of the of the BDSM community is the Leather Credo: safe, sane, and consensual. Masochist are provided with a safe word to use to inform the Sadist that he has had enough. It should be some random word like “banana” or “California.” It would be a word that would not normally be used. “Stop” and “ouch” are not safe words. The utterance of this word ends the scene. Unfortunately, there is no safe word to end a pandemic. As I write this, I should be packing for a weekend on Fire Island, to celebrate the […]

Baltimore Center Stage’s Innovative Online Resources For Public During Pandemic

The arts community in Baltimore is showing just how resilient and resourceful it can be during a time of crisis. While the onset of COVID-19 caused many theaters to physically close their doors in Baltimore, many have sprung to online platforms to continue to entertain audiences. One theater, Baltimore Center Stage (BCS), has led the forefront with its creative online content and innovative access to resources. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with Baltimore Center Stage’s Director of Artistic Partnerships & Innovation, Annalisa Dias, who talked about what BCS has to offer to the Baltimore community both online and offline. Frankie Kujawa: […]

Growing Into My Summer Skin — Exploring the Future One Moment at a Time.

One of the most amazing aspects of transition is the change in perspective it brings you. For so many trans people, pre-transition our futures were dark, vague, or missing entirely — a black spot where all of our hopes should be. The future looked like just another part of the prison sentence I was born into when I considered it at all. Most of the time I didn’t think about it. Nobody really prepares you for the shock of waking up one day and… you’re excited. And then the next day you’re excited. And you think about next week and […]

Acts of kindness during the pandemic

Charlotte, NC – Each morning, the writer, Chris Rudisill, gets a text message from his friend Stan Schneider. It is a simple message of “Good morning” or wishing Chris a good day, but the premise is so much more. During this time of shelter-in-place, many in our community are facing unprecedented feelings of isolation and depression. These simple acts of kindness can brighten what seems like a mundane existence. From saying hello, to tipping an unseen bartender or surprise deliveries, friends across the region are helping to cheer up their neighbors through simple acts of kindness that are helping us […]

Philly gay bars help staff with GoFundMe, other support

Philadelphia, PA – Within just 30 hours, Tavern on Camac (TOC) and Ubar’s GoFundMe campaign to raise money for out-of-work staff met their goal of $5,000. This campaign sparked similar efforts by other Gayborhood bars such as Tabu and Knock to launch their own fundraising campaigns. No campaign has been quite as successful as that of TOC and Ubar, so other establishments have had to get creative with food assistance and limited work opportunities to support their employees in wake of the COVID-19 crisis.             “Management has been incredibly supportive,” said Jason Evans, a bartender at Ubar, who, along with […]

Mexico City hustlers struggling to survive during a pandemic

Mexico City, Mexico – In the center of Mexico City sits the world-renowned Alameda Central Park. Founded in 1592, it is the oldest public park in the Americas. Although not so popular with the locals, it draws many international tourists. And where there are tourists, there are hustlers. I [author Jesus Chairez] often go to the only gay cantina at the park, La Rayuela. My first time sitting outside La Rayuela, I was most surprised at the number of young men walking by my table and saying hello, wanting to make conversation. I thought I was very special and pretty; […]

US Supreme Court rejects another challenge to Obama care

Washington, D.C. – The US Supreme Court has rejected yet another Republican challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare). In an 8-to-1 decision announced on April 27, the high court ruled that insurance companies are entitled to federal subsidies designed to make health insurance affordable for high-risk customers. Justice Sonya Sotomayor wrote the majority opinion, with almost all her colleagues joining in whole or in part. Only Justice Samuel Alito dissented.             The case – Maine Community Health Options vs. United States – revolved around a part of the ACA called “risk corridors,” which provided financial backup to […]