Hope Faith Love

To start my story with this journey of Hope, Faith, and Love, I never thought my life would turn out the way it is today. For years before my transition date October 1, 2010 the thought never cross my mine to live my life as a woman, even though I was dressing like one for 40 years of my life. I use to always wish in my 30s and 40s I wish I had three wishes. My first wish would be to have all the wishes I could have, so that I could say this day I want to be […]

New HIV Treatment

Dear Dr. Eva, I read that there’s a new HIV medicine out. How different is it from other HIV medicines? Should I ask my doctor if I can switch? Treatment Experienced Dear TE, A new HIV medicine called fostemsavir (brand name Rukobia) was approved early last month (July 2020).  Fostemsavir is an entry inhibitor, which means it prevents the HIV virus from getting inside the specialized white blood cells (T cells) that HIV infects. Over time, T cells that have already been infected die off and are replaced.  When an entry inhibitor is taken, the HIV virus cannot get inside […]

Reinventing Relationships

Whether you are in an established relationship, wanting to start one, or early on in one, in these last several months with the pandemic, we have all been impacted and have had to adjust, adapt, negotiate, re-negotiate or even end our connections. Human nature thrives on social contact. Even if you may be an introvert, you still need that soul-feeding emotional bond with other human beings, maybe not too many, but still. Sometimes it is a family connection; other times it is a friend or a romantic partner. In the words of the 17th century English poet, John Donne, “no […]

Decisions, Decisions

At this point in the pandemic, saying that life is weird is both obvious and an understatement. We’ve endured lockdowns, ongoing debates regarding the legitimacy and importance of science, and we’re living through several social movements that are changing the fabric of our nation. It’s becoming more and more clear that a return to pre-pandemic life is not possible because that world no longer exists. What comes next is anyone’s guess. It’s this aspect of the pandemic that I find to be both incredibly interesting and unbelievably frustrating. In some ways it seems the world has stopped while continuing to […]

Isolation and Delusion: Ye and Mental Health

Two years ago, I wrote a column for Role Reboot about why I had purged my music library of Kanye West, with the exception of Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book (Slavery is a Choice comments). That album is an audible masterclass on black excellence, and very much a product of the latter’s talent opposed to the former’s ego. 2020, the year that will go down as our true reckoning with the systemic oppression that has propped up the fabric of our country as it continues to spawn with our celebrity-saturated-culture, would not be complete without Ye entering politics, complete with […]

The end of innocence

The late gay filmmaker Luchino Visconti (Death in Venice, The Damned) went out with a bang, so to speak, with his over-the-top final feature, 1976’s L’Innocente (Film Movement), now available on Blu-ray. Based on the 1892 novel by Gabriele D’Annunzio, L’Innocente gave Visconti plenty of opportunity to exercise his operatic excesses. Tullio (Giancarlo Giannini), a despicable chauvinist and charmer, is the kind of unfaithful husband who shows up at a piano recital with his devoted wife Giuliana (Laura Antonelli) and is openly flirtatious with his mistress, the widowed Teresa (Jennifer O’Neil). If that’s not bad enough, Tullia basically insults Giuliana […]

The present is female (and queer)

As horrible as 2020 has been on so many fronts, at least we’ve had amazing music by queer female artists to help us get through it all. Where would we be without Becca Mancari’s The Greatest Part, Jamie Wyatt’s Neon Cross, Indigo Girls’ Look Long, Gordi’s Our Two Skins, Katie Pruitt’s Expectations, and the 35th anniversary deluxe reissue of Whitney Houston’s eponymous debut album (somebody had to say it!)? Singer/songwriter Caroline Rose’s 2018 album Loner was one of the best albums of that year, and any year, for that matter. The concept LP follow-up Superstar (New West) delivers on the […]

Meet MX Virginia Leather 2019 / 2020

Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack 2018 Bumper met lots of people while attending leather events in 2018. Many wanted to run for a leather title but only found Mr. titles and Ms. titles. What does one do if you are non-binary genderqueer? Bumper saw a problem with inclusivity in the leather community and in 2019 along with Ma’am Karen produced the first ever MX Virginia Leather Contest.   It is not easy being a leather titleholder. It is harder being the first one to hold a new leather title. It is even more difficult if that title is a new type […]

Silence = Death, Still Resonates

Boston – The recent death of ACT-UP founder Larry Kramer caused me to recall the 1980s when so many of us LGBTQ folks watched our community being decimated by HIV/AIDS. I realized, just as so many of us did, that I had to do all that I could since those in power failed to respond, and from all appearances seemed not to give a damn about the loss of gay lives. Silence = Death became a rallying cry for those of us who were on the front lines and were also fighting to try and save our own lives, as […]

Car drives into Black Femme March killing nonbinary person

Seattle – Two people who identify as nonbinary and use they/them pronouns were protesting in the Black Femme March on July 4th when one was murdered and the other critical injured by a car that plowed into the demonstrators. Summer Taylor, 24, was killed and Diaz Love was critically injured when a driver, later identified as Dawit Kelete, drove into the demonstrators as they were dancing the Cupid Shuffle on the I-5 roadway. Both were taken to Harborview, where Taylor later died. Love remains in critical condition but is recovering. Kelete entered I-5 via an off-ramp and swerved around demonstrators’ […]