Baltimore Drag Festival, Sat., Sept. 14th

Unless you’ve been to DragCon or a similar event in another city, it’s doubtful you will see as much drag in one day and in one place as you’ll see on Saturday, September 14th at Baltimore’s first ever Drag Festival. All the dragstravaganza will take place at the Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore). The day kicks off with “Story Time with Drag Queens” from noon to 1 pm. Everyone loves story time, and everything is better with drag queens, right? Baltimore’s own Pariah Sinclair and Lula Lioness will host this event reading kids stories with a twist. It’s open […]

Royal Shuffle: New King & Queen of Pride to be Selected 9/20

Baltimore OUTloud had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rik Newton-Treadway, one of the three promoters who put the annual King and Queen of Pride event together. (Full disclosure: Baltimore OUTloud is the event’s proud media sponsor!) This year we’ll be crowning the 30th queen and our 20th king, and support for the new royalty is incredible. Rik was able to give us some of the event’s storied history. “Back in 1990 when this all started, the way you were crowned was to raise the most money for a charity of your choice,” Rik explained. “Our first Queen […]

Girls Scout An interview with Kristin Chenoweth

Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth could potentially have a Grammy Award in her sights with her new album For the Girls (Concord). On her most contemporary pop-oriented studio album in nearly ten years, Chenoweth pays tribute to several of her musical icons including Judy Garland, Eydie Gorme, Barbra Streisand, Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton. Parton herself joins Chenoweth on a roof-raising rendition of the Dixie diva’s “I Will Always Love You.” Other guests joining Chenoweth on the album include Jennifer Hudson, Reba McEntire, and Ariana Grande. A longtime friend and supporter of the LGBTQ community, Chenoweth […]

‘Safe Haven’ Offers Hand Up for Trans People Working the Street

By Lauren Vella “Baltimore is a genocide to its own people,” Iya Dammons, director of Baltimore Safe Haven, declared on September 2nd, two weeks before her nonprofit drop-in center’s official opening. Dammons was leading a meeting to talk about immediate issues that the LGBT community – and more specifically, the black trans community face on a daily basis. Safe Haven offers services such as temporary housing, safe sex kits, professional training, clothing, and syringe exhange to address homelessness and lack of resources, what Dammons says is at the root of LGBT inequality. A little less than a year ago, Dammons […]

Who, Me? Entitled?

One of the issues that emerge in human interactions is what is called a sense of entitlement. How do we define and detect this? If you have ever felt like someone is bearing down on you with their needs, wants, and demands, you know what it feels like. The question that pops into one’s mind is: Why does this person feel they are entitled to this privilege or satisfaction of what they want? Why is it my duty to keep them satisfied regardless of what I want? This becomes a destructive factor in a relationship if the demands are going […]

Get to Know Mental Health Resources

By Dr. Andrea Gottlieb Welcome to the very first Mental Health Moment! In this monthly column, experts from Sheppard Pratt Health System will share advice, resources, and practices to help you build a healthy mind. Americans spend thousands of hours at the gym each year to build healthy bodies, but most give much less attention to the care of their minds. Like your body, your mind and emotions need strengthening, rest, and renewal. Engaging in practices that intentionally foster mental health is every bit as important as going to the gym. Here are a few of these practices: Many people […]

Evil Foods and Other Myths

Dear Readers, Please consider your answers to these nutrition questions. My answers follow. 1) Which raises blood pressure more, spicy food or salty food? 2) Are artificial sweeteners more dangerous than sugar? 3) Is honey healthier than sugar? 4) Will cutting out high-cholesterol foods, like shrimp and egg yolks, lower cholesterol? 5) Is diabetes caused by eating sugar? 6) Do diet sodas rot your teeth? 7) Does soymilk help for hot flashes in menopause? 8) Do dark sodas like colas increase triglycerides (fats) in the blood? 9) To lose weight, does it help to eat whole wheat instead of white […]

Trans Wellness Nuggets from the annual Philly conference

My partner Kevin and I had the opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) this year. If you have never been, then you need to go! This is the largest conference focused on the transgender community from multiple perspectives as diverse as the community itself: medical, legal, rights, gender identity, parenting, activism, and much more. There is something for everyone even if you do not identify as being transgender. We also took time to explore Reading Terminal Market as well as The Bike Stop. This month I want to take a moment and share some of the gold […]

Skin Cancer Prevention

A discussion with Dr. Ciro Martins of Belcara Health Q. My brother was just diagnosed with melanoma. What can I do to reduce my chances of getting it too? First, I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s diagnosis; I wish him a swift recovery. I’m happy you are seeking information on preventive measures, for the risk of developing skin cancer can be exponentially decreased by taking the right precautions. Although skin cancers can be deadly, they are often completely curable when diagnosed early. Each year millions of people get skin cancer, and contrary to popular belief, anyone can get it. […]

Gay Love in the Time of Internet Porn

Gone are the days when guys had to carry X-rated magazines and videos out of stores in discreet brown paper bags – now gay porn is available 24/7 from a seemingly infinite variety of online sources. As the infamous Rule 34 of the internet states, if it exists, there is porn of it. But many men are discovering that there is a downside to this X-rated smorgasbord. With pornography so widely available, both gay and heterosexual men have become prone to so-called sexual addiction. From a medical standpoint, a true addiction to sex is impossible. The criterion for addiction is […]