Stealthing: Hiding in Plain Sight

  Have you ever wondered what it might feel like when you spend every single day with the same people, yet they do not know one of the biggest things about you? For me it is a very delicate and somewhat humorous situation. What many of us do is called stealthing or being stealth, which basically means that I live my life at school with no one knowing that I am transgender. It is a blessing because in order to stealth, you must pass decently well. However, sometimes with blessings, there are curses, too. In order to stay stealth, there are […]

Identity Fog: Life Transitions

If you are questioning who you are, don’t be afraid. Questioning your gender identity can be a very scary and perplexing situation. However, the more slowly and gradually you work through it, the easier it will become. Many resources can act as a guide to help you through the process of finding yourself. Here are a couple of tips and things to keep in mind when questioning your identity. Know that your feelings are valid. This may be the most cliché line you ever heard; however, the people around you will have their own opinions. Try to remember that the […]