Learning from LaPone

Patti LuPone doing a good job at singing may not sound like front-page news. She’s won a bunch of awards and has been nominated for even more, thanks to her powerful voice and Juilliard training in acting. She’s an icon and a living legend whose high belt has only gotten stronger and better with time. But what fascinates me most about her recent Grammy Awards performance of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina from the musical Evita are the circumstances surrounding it. As a bona fide diva, LuPone has seen her share of drama (pun intended). She was famously in a […]

What Should We Do with James Franco?

Every year the Oscar nominations are somewhat of a mixed bag. If Meryl Streep was in a movie, you know she’s going to be nominated (and she was again this year, making 21 nominations in total); but there are always brilliant performances, films, and work that aren’t nominated, leading audiences and critics to the conclusion that they were “snubbed.” This year, the big snub is James Franco for his performance in The Disaster Artist, which he also directed and for which he won a Golden Globe Award. His performance may have been worthy of a nomination, but it seems his […]

What the Toddler Taught Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. No, I’m not in the midst of an existential crisis and yes, everything is okay. I’ve been thinking about happiness because with the new year approaching lots of people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions and asking me what I’d like to be different in the new year. Please follow and like us: