The ‘Hard-Wired’ Brain

A colleague and I have had a long-running discussion about the nature of gender. She contends that gender is a social construct – that society creates gender, and agrees with gender feminists who believe that all distinctions between men and women are both culturally and socially constructed with biology playing a relatively minor role. We are engaged in the classic nature vs. nurture debate. If our discussion was limited to gender roles, I would agree with her – behaviors and expectations based upon sex and gender are indeed culturally imposed. However, it is difficult for me to accept that my […]

When the is Time is Right

The room grew quiet as I approached the microphone. Upon the start of the meeting, I had absolutely no intention of outing myself to the community by publicly speaking before the town council. For my own protection, I would let the allies speak for me. Yet, to the surprise of my friends in attendance, here I was standing before the council. The Borough of Chambersburg is a small town located in Pennsylvania just north of Hagerstown. While Maryland LGBTQ residents have been protected from discrimination in employment, housing, and services, Pennsylvania is the lone Northeastern state not to afford such […]

What’s it Like to be Transgender?

Someone recently asked me what it was like being transgender. It wasn’t the first time I had been asked that question and I have come to know that this transgender journey is indeed a mystery to others. Yet, I’ve been thinking – most people may already know what it really is like to be trans. Consider . . . If you have ever held a secret so deep and dark and knew you could never, ever share it with anyone and hoped you would die before that secret got out – you might already know what it’s like to be […]