Save the Date for the KSGRA Rodeo Ball!

Fancy a Rodeo Ball? Maybe you didn’t know you did! On Saturday, March 24th, the Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (KSGRA) will be throwing its first one. “This is something new that KSGRA has come up to help renew the interest in our rodeo,” says president Adam Romanik. “Last June we had the first rodeo right here in Harrisburg so kicking off the 2018 season with a ball just seemed right.” This semi-formal / cowboy formal event will be held at the I.W. Able Banquet Hall (200 Gibson Street, Steelton, Pennsylvania). The evening will kick off with a cocktail hour […]

Learning from LaPone

Patti LuPone doing a good job at singing may not sound like front-page news. She’s won a bunch of awards and has been nominated for even more, thanks to her powerful voice and Juilliard training in acting. She’s an icon and a living legend whose high belt has only gotten stronger and better with time. But what fascinates me most about her recent Grammy Awards performance of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina from the musical Evita are the circumstances surrounding it. As a bona fide diva, LuPone has seen her share of drama (pun intended). She was famously in a […]

Expecting Perfection

Twenty-two years ago, when I first became a parent, I was full of ideals. I’d wanted to be a mom for as long as I could remember. I knew I wanted to do my best to be the best mom I could be. I’d always been involved with kids. I’d been a teacher and had worked with youth groups in my church. I was the kid magnet when I went out with my friends. I enjoyed being around kids and was looking forward to being a parent. As family grew, through foster care, adoption, and one additional biological addition, I […]

What’s it Like to be Transgender?

Someone recently asked me what it was like being transgender. It wasn’t the first time I had been asked that question and I have come to know that this transgender journey is indeed a mystery to others. Yet, I’ve been thinking – most people may already know what it really is like to be trans. Consider . . . If you have ever held a secret so deep and dark and knew you could never, ever share it with anyone and hoped you would die before that secret got out – you might already know what it’s like to be […]

What Should We Do with James Franco?

Every year the Oscar nominations are somewhat of a mixed bag. If Meryl Streep was in a movie, you know she’s going to be nominated (and she was again this year, making 21 nominations in total); but there are always brilliant performances, films, and work that aren’t nominated, leading audiences and critics to the conclusion that they were “snubbed.” This year, the big snub is James Franco for his performance in The Disaster Artist, which he also directed and for which he won a Golden Globe Award. His performance may have been worthy of a nomination, but it seems his […]

School Days

So, it’s February, hardly a time to be thinking about the next school year. But, in reality, it’s a time when, if you’re going to make a change, you need to be thinking. Private school rosters can fill quickly. Homeschool paperwork needs to be submitted on a certain schedule. Research needs to be done and decisions need to be made. I’ve run a private school for the last 16 years. And, as a result, I’ve had the conversation with parents about the pros and cons of all schooling situations. So whether you want your kids to go to public, private, […]

Is Your Website Responsive and Mobile-Friendly? Building the web for the small screen

  From mainframes in the 1960s to personal computers in the 1990s and the power-packing mobile devices of the 2000s, information tech is always on the march. Today’s phones and tablets can handle a lot of what PCs used to do – including accessing the web. If you run a site, you probably notice that often over 50% of traffic that is generated from mobile devices. So is your site responsive and mobile friendly? Okay, what is responsive web design? It’s the approach in web design to make your site render and load well on a variety of typically narrower-screen […]

Affairs of the Heart at the Rodeo

Chance meetings of the heart are a rare thing, and even more in unexpected places. However, that is exactly how the meeting of rodeo couple Jan Stange and Denise Reinhart-Stange took place. The couple chatted exclusively with Baltimore OUTloud to share how they met, their passion for the rodeo and how love can overcome anything that ails the heart. “I’d never been to a gay rodeo,” began Denise. “I went with a friend of mine, Todd Tramp, to the Oklahoma City rodeo in 2011. It was Memorial Day Weekend and I met Jan on that Friday night, and we’ve been […]

What the Toddler Taught Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. No, I’m not in the midst of an existential crisis and yes, everything is okay. I’ve been thinking about happiness because with the new year approaching lots of people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions and asking me what I’d like to be different in the new year. Please follow and like us: