Drama Can Hurt Us All

I hate family drama. Actually, I’m not fond of drama of any kind, but I particularly loathe family drama. You know what I mean – that kind of drama where family members gossip about each other, making up “facts” and distorting the truth. And, I’ve found that most people who like to spread the drama are the ones who have similar stories of their own. For example, one of my grown kids has been criticizing a younger sibling for walking away from her kids. She has two little boys and isn’t in a good place to provide for them. She […]

My Run-in With Rabies

A few days ago, I was attacked by a mouse. Thus, began one of the most memorable, and ridiculous, experiences of my adult life. It happened at about two in the morning. I woke with a start, flailing. I vaguely remember feeling something soft and fuzzy in my hand that was suddenly no longer there, followed by a soft thud against the wall and small scurrying sounds across my bedroom floor. I quickly switched on the light, terrified and confused, only to find a small trace of blood on my thumb, which throbbed with the kind of pain one usually […]

Hagerstown Hopes is Open For Business

The folks at Hagerstown Hopes have had a very busy summer. Hagerstown Pride was a huge success, with an estimated 3,000 people in attendance, dozens of vendors, and a massive outpouring of support from the local community. We are grateful to everyone who has volunteered their time, energy, and talents in supporting Hagerstown Hopes’ efforts to reach out to and get involved in our local communities. Now, after months of work, we are ready to tell you about some of the many ways we would like to support you, our community. We care about all members of our community and […]

Out Country Singer to perform at Keystone Rodeo Fundraiser

The Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (KSGRA) will hold “Rockin’ It Country Style: A Benefit” on Saturday, August 18th at Eyler’s Stables in Thurmont, MD. The concert and show will feature upcoming Country Artist Donnie Lee Strickland, as well as the KSGRA Royalty Court. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with charming Strickland to discuss his upcoming performance, his career as an out-country singer, and how music is in his DNA. “I fell in love with country music at an early age,” Strickland began. “I started singing in church when I was about five years-old. I was raised Southern Baptist in North […]

Kids Are People, Too

We took the kids on vacation last week and had a blast. We vacation at our family’s Ocean City beach condo that we’ve had since I was in college. It’s an easy, inexpensive trip for us. The kids enjoyed taking walks around the town, where there are millions of things to see. We all enjoyed the beach and playing in the sand. Cassandra especially enjoyed the water and finding sand crabs. We had good seafood and a lot of family time. It was great. But, the trip didn’t start off as magically as it could’ve. The first day, several of […]

Pride Brings Hope to Hagerstown

When Hagerstown Hopes was finalizing plans for Hagerstown Pride (held on Saturday, July 14th) members were optimistic that it would be a success. What they didn’t count on was how much of a success it would be. Thao Ta of local news outlet WDVM reported that this year’s Pride, themed “This is Me” was expected to draw up to 3,000 people. After interviewing the organizers of this year’s Pride, Thao and I discussed what Hopes will be bringing to the community. She was gracious, kind, and even posed for a selfie with me (after teaching me how to use my […]

My Kids Are My Kids

I have a pet peeve. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have several pet peeves. However, one of them takes precedence over the others. I have a serious issue with folks who insist on pointing out the difference between adopted kids and biologically related kids in a family. I’m adopted. I was adopted as an infant, so I don’t remember any other home than the one I grew up in. That’s my family. They’re my mom and dad and brother. I met my biological mother about 20 years ago. She’s a super woman and I adore her sons. […]

Your Guide to Hagerstown Pride, July 14th Everyone’s coming out for it!

Pride month may be coming to a close, but things are just getting started in Hagerstown. Hagerstown Pride is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th from 11:30 am to 6 pm with “Proud: Htown Pride After Party” at The Lodge following the festivities. Hagerstown Pride is a family-friendly event and is free to the public. This year Pride is being held in the Central Lot (14 North Potomac Street) in the heart of downtown Hagerstown. It is accessible from Franklin, Washington, Potomac, and Locust streets, off the square in downtown Hagerstown. Parking is available across the street at the University District […]

The Future and What it Holds

The last few months have been a wild ride. But, what is yet to come will make life seem as if it was short and null. In the last weeks, I’ve graduated and planned a move to across the country. I have scheduled an appointment consultation for top surgery, and hit my one year mark on hormones. However, in the next coming months, I will have had my name changed, moved across country, started a new school, and will have finally started a life for myself. Some have come to ask if I am fearful for what is to come. […]

Did I Do it Right?

Sometimes, as a parent, it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing. What exactly is the plan for your kids? What are you trying to accomplish? We often say that our job as parents is to give our kids the tools they need to survive adulthood. Now, you and I both know that we can never teach them everything they will need to know in a lifetime. We can’t begin to anticipate every circumstance and challenge. But, we can provide them with basic skills. We explain that if they learn to be polite at home, they will have […]