(Beautiful) music men

When Orange Crate Art (Omnivore), newly reissued in an expanded double CD or LP set, was originally released in 1995, it was the first time that music legends Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, both known for their distinctive SoCal musical styles, had worked together since Parks collaborated with The Beach Boys on the notorious SMiLE album in the 1960s. Orange Crate Art turns out to be a collaboration that makes perfect sense on paper, if not in actual execution. Unlike say Nilsson Sings Newman, on which Harry Nilsson sang the songs of Randy Newman, having Brian Wilson (whose voice […]

Out, loud and proud: an interview with SONiA

Baltimore native, out musician, activist, and even a bit of a mystic, Sonia Rutstein, better known to her fans and followers as SONiA of disappear fear, has a musical gift for everyone. The new 12-song CD compilation Love Out Loud (soniadisappearfear.com) collects some of her queerest and most uplifting songs resulting in the perfect soundtrack for your 2020 Pride observances. Drawing on selections spanning almost 25 years, including solo work as well as those recorded with her sister Cindy (from disappear fear’s early days), the album is as much a musical history lesson as it is a celebration of the […]

All hail The Queen

It may be hard to believe today, but laws known as Masquerade Laws — some dating back to 1845 — declared it a crime to have your ‘face painted, discolored, covered, or concealed, or [be] otherwise disguised… [while] in a road or public highway.’ This was typically aimed at farmers who would dress up like Native Americans to fight off tax collectors, but as fear and panic over LGBTQ people increased in the early 20th century, these laws were applied to people dressing up in clothing of the opposite gender, even though the Masquerade Laws never specifically mentioned the type […]

Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn comes to HBO

Just mention the name Roy Cohn and the general reaction from anyone even remotely familiar with the man is that he was pure evil. That specific word, ‘evil’, is the first descriptor people associate with him and that word comes up from pretty much everyone interviewed in the new HBO documentary Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn. June, Pride Month, may seem like an odd time to debut a film about a man who publicly denied his own sexuality but it manages to be engrossing and informative, especially how it relates to the man currently in the White […]

As Long As I’m Famous: Broadwood Media’s Bruce Reisman Discusses LGBTQ Inclusivity in Hollywood

Just in time for June’s Pride month, Broadwood Media’s As Long as I’m Famous is streaming for audiences worldwide on Amazon Prime. The interpersonal relationships of stage and screen stars from postwar Hollywood and Broadway’s Golden age are explored through the 24-year-old eyes of future legendary director, Sidney Lumet (played beautifully by the charismatic Aaron Fors). The film is a fact-based account of a New York summer in 1948, where future luminaries such as Montgomery Clift (played by the handsome Gavin Adams) and Lumet embark on perfecting their craft during their early rise to fame.                 Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted […]

2020 Pride all summer long reading list

Whether you’re sitting out the Pride season by keeping your observances at a social distance or you’re taking it to the streets in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march, having reading materials on hand to augment the celebration is always a good idea. The following books are some worthwhile suggestions. Young readers October may be a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween (considered by some to be one of the gay national holidays). In Christopher Pumpkin (Little, Brown, 2020) by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet with illustrations by Nick […]

‘And You Thought Quarantine Was a Bitch’

A fabulous woman once said, “I’m one of those people you can tell ‘no’ a million different ways, and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to figure out some way to get you to say ‘yes.’ People have always underestimated me. I have great stamina, great tenacity.” These words, once expressed by the iconic Morgan Fairchild, encapsulate the charisma of this legendary actress. From “Dallas” to “Flamingo Road” to “Paper Dolls” to “Falcon Crest,” Fairchild has always delighted audiences playing smart, manipulative women. The actress has once more stepped into the world of serialized storytelling, this time in […]

Diana DeGarmo Deviously Delights in ‘Mélange’

Diana DeGarmo – the delightful singer, songwriter, and actress – spins a deliciously sinful web of intrigue in the pilot episode of “Mélange.” Since its May 20th premiere on Logo, “Mélange” has already garnered quite a bit of buzz from fans and avid followers. The show centers around the fight to gain ownership of Mélange, a historic New York City gay bar. When the founder, mysteriously dies, his vindictive ex-wife, Vivian King (played by “Falcon Crest’s” Morgan Fairchild), and his handsome protégé Ryann (“One Life to Live’s” Scott Evans) battle for control. By Ryann’s side is his best friend (and […]

Robert Newman Shines ‘Light’ Onto ‘Mélange’

For 28 years, actor Robert Newman’s character – Josh Lewis on “Guiding Light” – entertained viewers daily as one-half of the beloved soap opera’s Supercouple Josh and Reva. Newman recently stars in “Mélange,” whose pilot premiered on Logo on May 20th. Newman plays Dorian Sydney “Syd” Winchester the founder of Mélange, a historic New York City gay bar. His mysterious death brings his vindictive ex-wife, played by the vivacious Morgan Fairchild, back to claim control. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with Newman regarding his role in Mélange. Frankie Kujawa: Can you tell our readers about your character Dorian Sydney “Syd” Winchester? […]

Omar Sharif, Jr.’s, Journey to ‘Mélange’

Acting is in Omar Sharif, Jr.’s, DNA. The Egyptian-Canadian actor, model, and LGBTQ activist is the grandson and namesake of legendary film star Omar Sharif. Sharif, Jr., has recently flexed his acting prowess in “Mélange,” the deliciously dramatic serial from creator and producer Tom D’Angora. Sharif recently chatted with Baltimore OUTloud regarding his upcoming role, his upcoming projects, and why he feels this is the perfect moment for a storytelling show. “My character’s name is Zayn,” Sharif began. “Zayn hails from the Middle East. He’s living in New York with his boyfriend Ryann Parker (played by “One Life to Live’s” […]