Safe Schools Volunteer Training

Are you interested in deepening your advocacy for LGBTQ youth in Maryland’s schools? Do you have a penchant for colorful PowerPoint slides, chart paper, and icebreakers? Are you, on occasion, able to make yourself available during school hours? If you answered “yes” to at least two of those questions, you may be an ideal candidate to conduct LGBTQ safe space presentations. As part of their mission to ensure all Maryland schools are safe and welcoming for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, GLSEN Maryland is looking for community members to fill vital roles as volunteer […]

March Lunch Patrol: Social Worker Appreciation Edition

Join B and Dee’s Baltimore Love at 1 pm on Sunday, March 31st for March’s “Social Worker Appreciation” edition of Lunch Patrol, to help distribute brown bag lunches to the area homeless. This month the group will honor the hard work and dedication of social workers. The brown bag lunches are delivered on foot and by vehicle. People of all ages are encouraged to participate. Volunteers meet up at the Avenue Market (1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore) and then are sent to different areas. For more info, visit their Facebook event page at Please follow and like us:

B’More Men’s Chorus Spring Mixer

Have you sung on stage, or just in the shower? As the Baltimore Men’s Chorus kicks off its 35th anniversary season, anyone interested in learning more about the group is invited to join chorus members for refreshments and fun at the group’s “Spring Welcome Mixer.” The mixer will be held at their new home for weekly rehearsal, Memorial Episcopal Church (1407 Bolton Street, Baltimore) on Monday, March 25th from 7 to 9 pm. For more info visit their Facebook event page at Please follow and like us:

City Schools Consider Groundbreaking Trans Policies

Baltimore City Schools are considering a set of policies regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students according to the Baltimore Sun, which if enacted would put them far ahead of most other school systems in the state, by more fully protecting the rights and dignity of those students. Only Frederick County currently has a specific, progressive policy supporting those students in a similar manner. These policies, currently under consideration by the city school board would allow transgender students to use the names, pronouns and bathrooms that align with their gender identity. The policy also outlines a specific grievance reporting and investigation […]

Celebrating LGBT Health Awareness Week

Our center is among those preparing to celebrate LGBT Health Awareness Week from March 27th to 31st. In addition to thinking broadly about health equity for our community, we should also be thinking about our own individual health and well-being. Health and well-being are different to every person. For me, a big realization lately has been that “self-care” is less an indulgence as it is a discipline. It requires routines, checklists, time, and attention. It also changes depending on one’s circumstances and will change over and over as we move through different stages of our lives. We each approach it […]

Court orders Trump to stop discharging HIV military personnel

Alexandria, Virginia – On February 15th a federal judge ordered the US Department of Defense and Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan to halt discharge proceedings against HIV-positive members of the US Air Force. The order came in the case of Roe and Voe v. Shanahan, filed by Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN, with partner law firm Winston & Strawn, in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The two airmen serving as plaintiffs, who filed pseudonymously, were given discharge orders at the end of last year after being found “unfit for continued military service” despite compliance with […]

Texas drag queens hold benefit to protest the border wall

Brownsville, Texas – Drag queens from Brownsville, McAllen, and Harlingen staged a No Border Wall protest drag show on Saturday, February 23rd and raised money for LGBT asylum seekers being held in custody. The outdoor event took place in Brownsville at Alice Wilson Hope Park, and was hosted by Beatrix Lestrange, a Brownsville drag queen and activist, who said she selected Hope Park as the location because of its proximity to the border fence. Some of the Rio Grande Valley’s best drag talent protested the fake border crisis Trump created and call attention to the mistreatment of LGBT asylum seekers […]

Colorado about to ban abstinence-only sex education

Denver – Currently, Colorado does not require that schools teach sexual education. But a new bill introduced by the state’s House of Representatives would put parameters on how sex ed is taught. The bill, which is expected to pass, requires schools that do teach sex ed to do so in an inclusive and comprehensive way. This bill bans abstinence-only education, requires that both public and charter schools teach students about consent, and says that any sex ed class must include the experiences of LGBT people. More often than not, abstinence-only sex education perpetuates gender stereotypes, excludes LGBT people, and greatly […]

Study: LGBTQ young people use drugs more than peers

Corvallis, Oregon – Rock ‘n’ roll may be out of style, but we still have sex and drugs. According to a study by Oregon State University, LGBTQ individuals, especially youth, consume tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol at higher rates relative to their heterosexual peers of the same age. It’s important to remember the risk factors associated with mixing substances and sex. North Carolina Public Health reports 64% of all new diagnoses for HIV were between men who reported having sex with other men, as opposed to less than 30% of new diagnoses of heterosexuals. Although HIV is on the decline in […]

Guidelines released on PrEP for college health programs

Silver Spring, Maryland – The American College Health Association (ACHA) announced the release of its new guidelines, “HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.” Developed by the ACHA PrEP in College Health Task Force. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for college health services seeking to provide HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a means of preventing new HIV infections and as a resource to assist with front line implementation. While HIV rates have recently decreased among the general population, HIV remains a serious issue for young adults. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young adults ages 13 to 24 […]