October Update from City Hall

Last month, I celebrated my first full year as the mayor’s LGBTQ affairs liaison, and my first year of coordinating an active LGBTQ commission. Our representation and energy in city government has inspired big moves forward for our community, and this is still very much the beginning. Around the time of my last update, our city was in the midst of dealing with significant leadership changes and a surprise cyberattack, all while planning for Baltimore Pride. There were moments of exhaustion and frustration, but through it all there was perseverance for ensuring the city continued to move forward. We ended […]

HISTORY MONTH Authors & Activism: A History of LGBT Bookstores

“It was unbelievably fun,” Ed Hermance said about his time operating Giovanni’s Room, one of the first queer bookstores in the world. “You weren’t there for the economics, and it would be exhausting if you were in it for the politics. We were starved.”  Until the 1970s, when LGBT publishing first began and activists such as Barbara Gittings pushed for representation in libraries, the few queer books available were limited mostly to anti-gay medical texts. So, as the first wave of bookstores such as Giovanni’s Room opened, getting ahold of quality LGBT titles was a necessity. According to Hermance, “Every […]

Remembering Jim Williams 1935–2019

A memorial service will be held for Jim Williams on Saturday December 7 at Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church beginning at 11 AM. JIM WILLIAMS, co- founder and longtime co-publisher of Baltimore OUTloud, died on Friday, October 4th at Seasons Hospice in Baltimore County following a long illness. He retired from the newspaper in June due to failing health related to heart and lung problems. He was 84 years old and had lived at Cross Keys for many years. Jim was one of the four original founders of the newspaper and became co-publisher following the retirement of founding publisher Mike […]

LGBT Dance Party Held Outside of Marriott Waterfront Hotel to Protest Republican Congressional Retreat

On September 13th, an uncharacteristically cool Friday night, a small but mighty group of LGBT community members and their allies gathered on the side of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. They gathered to protest President Trump’s arrival in Baltimore and the GOP congressional retreat that took place within the confines of the hotel. The group was part of the “LGBTQ+ / Allies Dance Party” scheduled that night in conjunction with the union, immigrants’ rights, and climate change demos planned for that weekend. Both protesters and organizers said that they are against Trump’s racist policies and want to show Republican leaders […]

The Night We Crowned our King and Queen of Pride 2020

For those of you who missed the events of last Friday night, at the Motor House, your new King and Queen of Pride 2020 were crowned! Congratulations go out to King of Pride 2020 Prynce Cache and your Queen of Pride 2020 Victoria Blair, and to First Runner-Up King Ja Dore Legacy, aka Seth. The show was opened with a wonderful duet from Moulin Rouge done by the outgoing king and queen, which set the tone for the rest of the evening. The MCs for the evening were Rik Newton-Treadway and Shawnna Alexander and the serving of sweet tea and […]

Virginia seeks to confine gay man who served his sentence

Arlington, Virginia – An opinion piece published in the Washington Post, by Philip Fronaci and Roger Lancaster, states that an Arlington judge must decide if a gay nonviolent sex offender should stay incarcerated after serving his sentence. In their commentary Fornaci and Lancaster wrote, “the Circuit Court in liberal Arlington County, Virginia will be the scene of a heavy-handed morality play, with prosecutors seeking lifelong incarceration for a young gay man who has already paid an extraordinary price for youthful, nonviolent sexual indiscretions. There is serious concern about the fairness of the trial which is set to begin on September […]

Democratic donor arrested after 3rd man ODs in his home

Los Angeles – Prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck is arrested for running a drug den and “being a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction” after a third man overdosed in his California apartment according to the Associated Press and The Daily Mail. Buck was charged on September 17th with a felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine, and maintaining a drug house. California prosecutors are asking that Buck, a “violent, dangerous sexual predator,” be held on $4 million bail. Prosecutors allege Buck provided methamphetamine that led to two overdose deaths. On September 11th, […]

Texas passes law banning unsolicited nude pics

Austin – Texas has passed a new law banning the sharing of unsolicited nude photos, which could have consequences for gay dating app users. The new law makes sharing sexually explicit materials electronically a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500. Unusually, lawmakers collaborated with the dating app Bumble on the crack-down, with house representative Morgan Meyer working closely with the Dallas-based company. “They had a number of people who were using the app complaining about the sending of these images and they quickly realized there was no recourse,” Meyer told Fox 4 News. “There was […]

New Texas Holocaust Museum: LGBT permanent exhibit

Dallas – Few if any other Holocaust museums include LGBT human rights in their permanent exhibits. But in Dallas’s Holocaust museum, both local and national figures – Harvey Milk nationally and John Thomas locally – are part of the exhibit. So are Bill Nelson and Terry Tebedo, the couple for whom the HIV clinic on Cedar Springs Road is named. Lawrence v. Texas, the case that invalidated section 21.06 of the Texas penal code that made same-sex relationships illegal, is featured. The new Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum opened to the public on September 18th. “At a time when […]

Report looks at LGBT people of color in rural America

Des Moines, Iowa – Media coverage often portrays rural America as singularly white, conservative and working-class. Yet at least 10 million people of color, including LGBT people of color, call rural America home. The Movement Advancement Project (MAP) released a new report, Where We Call Home: LGBT People of Color in Rural America (Lgbtmap.org/rural-lgbt-poc), which examines the unique challenges of LGBT people of color in rural America and highlights distinct experiences across different communities of color. This report details how the structural challenges of rural life amplify acceptance of or discrimination against LGBT people of color. The report is released […]