Colorado about to ban abstinence-only sex education

Denver – Currently, Colorado does not require that schools teach sexual education. But a new bill introduced by the state’s House of Representatives would put parameters on how sex ed is taught. The bill, which is expected to pass, requires schools that do teach sex ed to do so in an inclusive and comprehensive way. This bill bans abstinence-only education, requires that both public and charter schools teach students about consent, and says that any sex ed class must include the experiences of LGBT people. More often than not, abstinence-only sex education perpetuates gender stereotypes, excludes LGBT people, and greatly […]

Study: LGBTQ young people use drugs more than peers

Corvallis, Oregon – Rock ‘n’ roll may be out of style, but we still have sex and drugs. According to a study by Oregon State University, LGBTQ individuals, especially youth, consume tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol at higher rates relative to their heterosexual peers of the same age. It’s important to remember the risk factors associated with mixing substances and sex. North Carolina Public Health reports 64% of all new diagnoses for HIV were between men who reported having sex with other men, as opposed to less than 30% of new diagnoses of heterosexuals. Although HIV is on the decline in […]

Guidelines released on PrEP for college health programs

Silver Spring, Maryland – The American College Health Association (ACHA) announced the release of its new guidelines, “HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.” Developed by the ACHA PrEP in College Health Task Force. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for college health services seeking to provide HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a means of preventing new HIV infections and as a resource to assist with front line implementation. While HIV rates have recently decreased among the general population, HIV remains a serious issue for young adults. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young adults ages 13 to 24 […]

Iowa jury agrees that trans man was discriminated against

Polk County, Iowa – Iowa trans man Jesse Vroegh has won $120,000 in damages in his discrimination lawsuit against his employer, the Iowa Department of Corrections, according to a press release from the ACLU, whose lawyers represented Vroegh. A Polk County jury decided the lawsuit. Vroegh filed the discrimination suit after the Iowa DOC denied him use of the men’s restrooms and locker room at work and denied him insurance coverage for medically-necessary surgery. He said that “the whole process of has been difficult and emotionally very trying” and that his life “has been put under a microscope because of […]

Philly city council moves for gender neutral titles

Philadelphia – In a show of unanimous support, members of City Council passed legislation February 14th that would change language in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to be more gender neutral. Voters will ultimately decide the issue as a ballot question in the May 21st primary election. The current charter mostly relies on male-specific titles, such as “councilman,” “councilmen,” and “councilmanic,” when referencing members of City Council. This measure would take away any gender-specific references and replace them with the more-inclusive forms of “councilmember,” “councilmembers,” and “council.” “It’s really antiquated that we are using gender designations for people of our […]

Longshot gay prez candidate visits Philadelphia

Philadelphia – Not many mayors make national headlines, and those who do often do for the wrong reasons. Pete Buttigieg has so far not been one whose national headlines have been unfortunate. Buttigieg, 37, spoke on February 19th at the Free Library in Philadelphia, ostensibly to promote his new book, Shortest Way Home. However, the crowd that packed the Free Library’s almost-400 seat auditorium didn’t come to see the young Democratic mayor of modest South Bend, Indiana. They came to see the country’s first openly gay Democratic candidate for US president. He is not the first openly gay presidential candidate […]

Trump praised for pledges to end HIV transmissions by 2030

Washington, DC – In his State of the Union address, Donald Trump announced that his administration planned to end HIV transmission in the US by 2030. Both political leaders and LGBT activists lauded the goal but also expressed skepticism about Trump’s commitment to help. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) praised President Trump for his commitment. “As the largest HIV/AIDS organization in the world, AHF stands ready to partner in this daunting effort,” said said Michael Weinstein, the group’s president. “The president’s call for ending HIV transmission in America is interesting, but if he is serious about ending the HIV/AIDS crisis, he […]

Will Arizona join states saying porn is a public health crisis?

Phoenix – Republican State Rep. Michelle Udall has put forth a resolution calling pornography a public health crisis, CNN reports. Arizona will be following the lead of about a dozen other states if the resolution passes. Utah led the way in 2016. “Like the tobacco industry, the pornography industry has created a public health crisis,” Udall claimed, according to a report at the Arizona Republic. “Pornography is used pervasively, even by minors,” she added. The resolution itself offers a laundry list of allegations about the effects pornography supposedly has on those who view it, including “toxic sexual behaviors, emotional, mental […]

Australian judge marries partner of 50 years

Sydney – Australian former High Court judge Michael Kirby married his partner of 50 years, Johan van Vloten, on February 10th. The pair tied the knot 50 years to the day after they first met at legendary gay venue the Rex Hotel in Sydney in 1969. Kirby told Radio National “the relationship that was made that night lasted from that moment on really, and it’s still going strong.” He said he had been “skeptical” about marriage. But, he said, they wanted to show their relationship was not “second class.” “When gays started to get married, they started to fall out […]

Gay people in the holocaust: Nazi persecution

Berlin – Stories have been written and films have portrayed what the life looked like of someone who was a marginalized community individual during the days of Nazi control. But those of queer survivors and the way in which they were treated have been difficult to retell for reasons known and unknown. The Nazi takeover and occupation of European and Asian territories took place between the years 1933 and 1945. The Homocaust website reported that up to 100,000 gay men and women were persecuted and imprisoned for their sexuality under Paragraph 175 of the 1871 German Penal Code. The code […]