Istanbul police attack Pride marchers

Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul authorities have banned the annual LGBT pride parade for the last five years. Turkish police fired tear gas at pride marchers in Istanbul on Sunday, June 30th. Organizers of Istanbul LGBT Pride Week had hoped the march could go ahead despite authorities banning the event for the last five years. Police allowed people to gather in a side street as organizers read a statement, according to Turkey-based Bianet. But riot police then used shields and fired tear gas to disperse the crowds, local media reported. Police also closed off streets. “These walks have become more and […]

Psych association apologizes for saying LGBT people sick

San Diego – Reuters reports that the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) apologized June 21st for previously treating homosexuality as a mental illness, saying its past errors contributed to discrimination and trauma for LGBT people. It may be the first US medical or mental health organization to issue such an apology. Although psychiatrists declassified homosexuality as a disorder in 1973 and psychoanalysts came around nearly 20 years later, the APsaA says it is unaware of any related professional group that had apologized. “It is long past time to recognize and apologize for our role in the discrimination and trauma caused by […]

Trump judges are a real threat to LGBT progress

Dallas – Pride Month events took place throughout the country in June. But in stark contrast to celebrations over the LGBTQ equality gains made during the 50 years since Stonewall, our senators have been rushing through the confirmations of federal judicial nominees who threaten all the progress we have made toward “equal justice under law.” President Trump and the Senate Republicans are trying to remake our courts in their image and position hardliners who will push their political agendas by rolling back civil rights progress. Foregoing precedent and traditional oversight of the process, they’ve forced through some of the most […]

HRC names House committee okays tax bill to affirm LGBT couples

Washington, DC – On June 20th, the House Committee on Ways and Means yesterday passed a bill that contains Representative Andy Levin and Representative Judy Chu’s Equal Dignity for Married Taxpayers Act, which would modernize the tax code to remove outdated gendered language and to affirm the dignity of LGBTQ couples and families. The bill was included as part of HR 3299, the Promoting Respect for Individuals’ Dignity and Equality (PRIDE) Act of 2019. “Our tax code, like all of our laws, should accurately represent and include all the people to whom it applies,” Congressman Andy Levin said. “Gendered language […]

Lesbian self-described tomboy was allowed to be a girl

Oslo, Norway – Tonje Gjevjon was a girl who stuck out – not feminine enough and a lesbian, she worries that today she would have been transitioned into a boy. She writes in Feminist Currents “I was born in 1967, into a time of upheaval. Equality, the right to self-determined abortion, and equal pay for equal work were high on the political agenda. I grew up in a small town outside Oslo. My mother was considered uppity and my father a wuss because they were concerned about women’s right to an education and ability to make decisions about their own […]

ICE challenged on transwomen’s death

Washington, DC – After the recent death of transwoman Johana Medina Leon and nearly a year after Roxsana Hernandez’s death, Congressman Joe Kennedy III today demanded answers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement about the reported neglect that led to her death. In a letter to ICE Acting Director Mark A. Morgan, he raised concerns that the treatment of Johana has not been an isolated incident for transgender asylum seekers in ICE’s custody. As Chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force, Kennedy recently hosted a briefing on the challenges and threats that trans migrants and refugees face. “LGBTQ asylum-seekers […]

No doubt, the Stonewall riots were in the stars

Charlotte, North Carolina – Astrologers are often consulted to give proper perspective and intelligent illumination to certain major events. For those of us who enjoy a little 20/20 hindsight, I modestly offer an astrological analysis of the events at Stonewall 50 years ago. I, for one, believe that the planets set the whole thing in motion. June 28th, 1969 at 1:20 am, an unexpected police raid led to rebellion. The riots lasted five days and ultimately launched our liberation movement. Was it the drinks? Was it the planets? What was it that night that made the Stonewall Riots the event […]

Will presidential candidates support legalizing prostitution?

New York City – In a long piece in the New Republic, Melissa Gira Grant writes that back in February, advocates for er rights in New York announced their intention to fully decriminalize prostitution in the state. But no one really suspected then that within two weeks, Democratic candidates for president would be pledging support for competing legislative visions of what they called (at times, incorrectly) sex-work decriminalization. Quite suddenly, the enlightened thing to do – or at least to say you were doing – was to support these measures, a development that came as a shock even to many […]

Denver Zoo shares a gay love story in time for Pride

Denver – CBS’s local station reports that with just a few days before Denver’s PrideFest celebrations, the Denver Zoo is sharing the love story of a same-sex pair in their flock. The flamboyant flamingos are named after two LGBTQ icons – ’N Sync band member Lance Bass and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Among the nearly 80 birds in the exhibit, birdkeeper Brittney Weaver says the two have always been the standouts. “They have plenty of choices to choose from so we can’t really control what they choose,” she said. Freddy Mercury is a Caribbean flamingo brought to the zoo in […]

Philly landmarks to celebrate Pride through lights

Philadelphia – The “Philly Lights Up Rainbow” display will happen after sundown on two nights during June: Sunday, June 9th, on the evening of the Philadelphia PrideDay Parade and Festival; and on June 30th, when New York City hosts its WorldPride march. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Boathouse Row, and PECO Crown Lights are among the most prominent landmarks to get the rainbow-light treatment. Other confirmed locations include the South Street Bridge, and the light poles that stretch for 2.5 miles along North Broad Street, between Hamilton Street and Glenwood Avenue. “Of course, there may be others that join in, but […]