Hippodrome Theatre’s Chris Mahan

“Food, just like theatre, tells a story,” says Chris Mahan, VP of venue operations at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre. Lounging in iconic Matthew’s Pizza, Mahan recently sat down with Baltimore OUTloud to reflect upon his one-year anniversary at the Hippodrome Theatre, as well as a freshman resident of Charm City. “It’s my first anniversary, and I continue to fall in love with Baltimore,” began Mahan, who hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. “Baltimore reminds me of where I came from. There’s something about coming from a working-class city, just a down-to-earth, ‘work hard and do the right thing’ kind-of-city. Baltimore reminds me so […]

Why Do I Do It?

I’ve often been asked what keeps me going. Year after year I am working in the leather community, attending events and contests, and writing this column. Lord knows I am not getting any younger. Someone commented recently, “I don’t know how you do it.” The start of a new year often brings a time of reflection. My leather journey has been a long one and I hope that it is far from over. Growing up in Hagerstown, I always knew I had a kinky side. Nothing would excite me more than when the villain in the movie would shout, “Tie […]

2020 Vision

I love the beginning of a new year. I start with a blank calendar and get to note the dates of the many leather events scheduled for the year. We are very fortunate to live in the Mid-Atlantic area. With so many events scheduled, the leather community has something fun to do every weekend. From leather club bar nights to leather contests and fundraisers, there is always something going on. Join me as I look at what’s on the calendar for 2020. The year in leather always begins with Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL). Scheduled for Thursday, January 16th to Sunday, […]

Finding the Joy Again

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, but the holiday season can be a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Sometimes “the most wonderful time of the year” makes me sad thinking about the friends and family who are no longer with us or my fantasy dreams of a perfect holiday season that doesn’t measure up to reality. Although Sir Steve and I have been together since 2001, we have never been together during the holiday season. For many years he was working out of the country and now that he is retired, he flees […]

Mr. and Ms. DC Eagle 2020 Selected

Justin Sawyers from Washington, DC, and a pledge of the DC boys of Leather club was sashed Mr. DC Eagle 2020 and Mx. Symphonee Sym, president of the Mid-Atlantic ONYX Pearls leather cub was sashed Ms. DC Eagle 2020 in a contest held on November 23rd at the DC Eagle bar. Also competing for the title of Mr. DC Eagle 2020 were first runner-up Tim Woody from Washington, DC, and a member of the Highwaymen TNT and Cody Puffe from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a member of the Knight Hawks of Virginia leather club. There were plans to add a […]

Another Crusader Falls

This has not been an easy year for the Mid-Atlantic leather community. It’s not enough that we’re living in a divided nation, but many of the same prejudices have spilled over into our community. People are treated rudely based on race, gender, gender expression, their disabilities, or even which leather club one belongs to or which bar one visits. Just when you think that things could not get worse, in the last few months the leather community has lost several of the few leather folks who dedicated their leather journey to working to make the community better. I recently wrote […]

A Chat with B’more’s Fiercest New Bar Owner: Night Shift 2.0’s Beth Cooper

The Night Shift 2.0 celebrated its grand opening on October 4th to the delight of many in the Baltimore LGBTQ community. Located at 1725 Ponca Street, The Night Shift 2.0 already serves as a beacon for everyone in the community looking for a place to be themselves. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with owner Beth Cooper. “My inspiration,” began Cooper, “was to continue to provide an-all inclusive place for everyone in the LGBTQ community. I had been affiliated with other safe-spaces and I didn’t realize how special it was for people to have a place of their own to feel comfortable. […]

Mr. Maryland Leather 2020 Is…

Oya Ra, a member of the Illuminati House of Ra, was selected Mr. Maryland Leather 2020 at a contest held on Saturday, November 2nd at the Ottobar in Baltimore. He was also awarded the David Allen Brotherhood Award. ShipMates of Baltimore club member David Sugar was first runner-up and Timmy Brehm from Nottingham, Maryland, was second runner-up. This was the 30th edition of the popular contest produced by COMMAND MC to select Maryland’s representative at the International Mr. Leather Contest held each May in Chicago. The event is also a fundraiser, and last year COMMAND MC donated over $10,000 to […]

Another Mr. Maryland Leather

Since I started writing this column in 2005, I interviewed many Mr. Maryland Leather titleholders. Recently I sat down with one that I missed. I was excited to finally tell his story because he is also a dear friend. Allow me to introduce you to Lord Stephen J. Cather, Mr. Maryland Leather 2005. (Since Steve owns a very small piece of land in Scotland, he has officially been recognized by the Scottish Parliament as a lord.) Born in Aberdeen, Maryland, and raised in the state’s Cecil County, Steve has resided for many years in Baltimore City. All through school his […]

Meet and Greet: Johanna Dolan

Canadian activist Elaine MacDonald once said, “A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.” Life coach and trainer Johanna Dolan’s work exudes empowerment. Dolan recently chatted with Baltimore OUTloud on her work and deep Baltimore roots. “I am a native Baltimorean,” began Dolan. “I was born in Towson and lived on Pratt Street. We moved when I was in second grade to West Virginia. My dad was a truck driver during the week and a minister. On Sundays, we would go to whatever church we were attending at […]