Meet the President of the ShipMates

A few issues ago I introduced you to the president of the COMMAND, MC leather club as it was about to celebrate 30 years of brotherhood. Recently I sat down with another leather club president. On November 28th at Leon’s I met with Jahleel who is very proud to be the current president of the ShipMates Club of Baltimore as his organization prepares to toast 45 years in 2019. Jahleel was born in Houston, Texas, but moved often as a result of his mother’s employment. Before landing in Baltimore 12 years ago from Atlanta, he lived in Rocky Mountain, North […]

History is Made in DC!

Sir Christopher Booth from Arlington, Virginia, was sashed Mr. DC Eagle 2019 and Alyssa Durnien, who did a wonderful job as Ms. Woods Leather 2017, made history when she was selected the first ever Ms. DC Eagle during the bar’s contest on Saturday, November 17th. Runner-ups were Chad Allen from DC for Mr. DC Eagle 2019 and fetish model and performer Hailey Dollar from Alexandria, Virginia, for Ms. DC Eagle 2019. There were no additional contestants. I was thrilled when I heard that the Mr. DC Eagle contest which started in 1982 and is the longest-running leather title in the […]

Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 is …

Scorpius Red from Baltimore, Maryland, was sashed Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 during the 29th annual contest held on Saturday, November 3rd at the Windup Space in Baltimore. First runner-up to Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 was William “Raven” Holman, who was also awarded the brotherhood award. Tom Aberasturi-Haugvik was named second runner-up. There were no additional contestants. The popular Maryland Leather Weekend which is produced by COMMAND MC also marked the club’s 30th anniversary and kicked off on Thursday, November 1st with a gear party titled “Pigsty V” at club 1722. On Friday evening, as many out of town leather folks […]

Looking at The End

I can’t believe that it is almost November and another year has just about come to an end. Here is a quick look at some recent news in the leather community and a few events that you will want to attend between now and the end of the year. Two of my good friends have recently gone to the dogs – and I couldn’t be happier for them! Mr. Maryland Leather 2016 Eli ONYX was sashed Mid-Atlantic Handler 2018 at the Mid-Atlantic Puppy and Handler Contest on May 19th at The Bike Stop. The title of Mid-Atlantic Puppy 2018 went […]

Atlantic States Shines Again

Kristopher Davis – from Washington, DC, and a member of the DC boys of Leather club – was named Atlantic States Leatherboy 2019, and Ryder Tidwell from Silver Spring, Maryland, who has only been bootblacking for a year, was named Atlantic States Leather Community Bootblack 2019 during Atlantic States Leather Weekend held September 28th and 29th at Grand Central nightclub in Baltimore. There were no additional contestants and no contestants for the title of Atlantic States LeatherSIR 2019. I guess that explains why our city is sometimes called “Bottom-more” or why Sir Steve has a sign in our front yard […]

Repaying a Role Model

I’ve interviewed a lot of leather titleholders in this column. Some were inspiring role models who went on to do wonderful things in their community during their title year. Others were just nice people who wore a sash. It is important to note that a leather title does not make one a role model and not all role models have a sash. The older I get the more I find myself looking back over my life. It’s funny the things we remember. I’m not talking about major events like special birthdays or family funerals – we’re always going to remember […]

What’s Going On?

As the seasons change I want to keep you informed of some of the venue changes for upcoming leather events. There are also a few new gatherings on the calendar that you will want to check out. In the leather community there is always something going on. Events scheduled at the temporarily closed Baltimore Eagle have been forced to select another location. Next up is the Atlantic States Leather Weekend scheduled for September 28th and 29th which has been relocated to Grand Central. This regional leather gathering which includes the third annual Atlantic State LeatherSIR / boy / and Community […]

A Perfect Ten

Julie “Jewel” Vanderlee from Bloomfield, New Jersey, was selected Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2019 during the 10th annual MAL-W / Bootblack Contest held in Baltimore over the weekend of August 24th and 25th. Jewel who is employed by Lambda Legal is a BDSM / kink educator and a well-known producer of pansexual play parties. Runner-up for MAL-W 2019 and the recipient of the Connie Cox Spirit Award was Clo from Baltimore. In an interesting twist of events Amy D. Phillips, who was also stepping down after a very successful year as Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2018 was selected as Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman […]

What I Think

I’ve been writing this column since 2005. At that time no one in this area was writing a column about the leather community. Events were not being documented, leather titleholders were not being interviewed, and upcoming leather events were not being promoted. I’ve always tried to keep my columns positive and upbeat. I want to build our community not tear it down. (There are plenty of other others who would like to do that.) I discovered the leather community in 1984 at The Gallery when I first moved to Baltimore and have been a member of a leather club for […]


Last December, CNN projected that 2018 would be the Year of the Woman. Sarha Shaubach had been of a similar  mindset for months before that. Shaubach is the creator of Northern Exposure, the only Alaskan BDSM, leather, sex, and kink conference. She’s a leather titleholder, and the self-described “head lackey” at the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles. For this year’s conference, Shaubach decided that she wanted to celebrate the strong women she has come to know in her life. So, she started inviting them up to Alaska to teach, present to, and experience her home community. This is also the […]