ShipMates Celebrate 45 Years of Service

The ShipMates Club of Baltimore, Maryland’s first leather club, toasted 45 years of service to the community with a cocktail party on Saturday, May 4th at Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point neighborhood. It was an evening that will go down in leather history as longtime members of many Mid-Atlantic leather clubs as well as current leather titleholders joined in the celebration. The three-hour party – which was chaired by ShipMate member David Sugar – not only included lots of food and drink, but there was also a parade of leather club colors, a swearing in of the new […]

Resurrection Of The Baltimore Eagle

On Easter Weekend the long dormant Baltimore Eagle located at 2022 North Charles Street reopened to the delight of many in the Baltimore LGBT community. Invitations went out to members of many leather clubs in the area for a private re-opening reception on Thursday, April 18th with food and open bar from 7 to 11 pm. The party brought members of Centaur MC, ShipMates Club of Baltimore, FIST, Hooker & Boys, ONYX, as well past and present leather titleholders, including the very first female Eagle bar titleholder Ms. Baltimore Eagle 1992 Glenda Rider. Everyone was warmly greeted by the new […]

Navigating the SM Community in a PC World

I had another birthday last week. When you get to the age where you have more past than future, you spend lots of time looking back. For me life began in 1984 when I moved to Baltimore and walked into my first leather bar. It was the Gallery One bar at 1735 Maryland Avenue. It was a dress code leather bar in 1984. It is still there and is still a gay bar, but it has changed. The whole leather community has changed. My first leather bar was a smoky, testosterone-filled world. The Gallery had a popular female bartender, but […]

Cowhide on Cape Cod

There are a few places that every LGBT person simply must visit at least once. San Francisco always comes to mind first. Others include Fire Island, Palm Springs, Key West, and Provincetown. These locations are not just iconic LGBT vacation spots, they are important pieces of the fabric of LBGT history. When I heard that the Bay State Marauders, a leather club based in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, were hosting their sweet 16 anniversary weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts, along with a meeting of the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council (AMCC), I really wanted to go. Plus, even though the Pilgrims […]

Who Let the Dogs Out?

It all started as a subculture of the leather community and as a part of dominant / submissive relationships. The submissive would adopt canine mannerisms and would be less than a boy, he would be a dog. Many enjoyed the headspace of puppy play either with other dogs, some of whom were lead dogs or “Alphas” or with a dominant man or a handler. As the popularity of puppy play grew, the Lone State boys of Leather produced a contest. Alpha-pup Ray of Alaska was awarded the title of International Puppy 2001 in a contest held in Houston, Texas. Just […]

And Another Thing

TI always enjoy writing my interviews with folks in the leather community. It is also fun to share my experiences at contests and leather club’s weekend events. (Next up is the Bay State Marauders’ 16th anniversary weekend in Provincetown at the end of March.) Every now and then I feel the need to play catch-up and inform you of recent leather news and details about additional leather events that just got announced. In the busy Mid-Atlantic leather community, it is just one thing after another!   Looking for something new? There is a new leather contest and event scheduled for Saturday, […]

Meet Leatherman of Color

It is always interesting to sit down with leather titleholders and hear the story of the life experiences that brought them to the point of being selected to represent their community. I have been fortunate to have that opportunity many times. No leather journey I’ve heard is more complicated then that of Jack Thompson (Exile ONYX) who in December at the DC Eagle was sashed Leatherman of Color 2019. Recently Jack was kind enough to meet me at my office, or as some people call it Leon’s, to share with me the story of his life. It was an evening […]

Wow, What a Weekend!

It is February now, which means that January’s Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend has come and gone. I must not be the only one who had a great time because the entire 880-room Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill has already been booked for MAL 2020 next January! The big leather gatherings are always lots of fun, but you will also have a great time at some of the smaller leather weekends. You will meet people, explore a place that you may not have visited before, and these events are a real value. Many weekend passes or “run fees” include meals, cocktail […]

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Is …

Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2019 Emerson Aniceto took home the title of Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019 at the annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) held on January 18th to 20th at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Mr. NC Triangle Leather 2018 Sir Brad was first-runner up and David Gerard, who was first runner-up at the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2018 contest placed second runner-up. Also competing were Mr. Connecticut Leather 2019 Mr. Sperry, Mr. Mayhem Leather 2018 Pup Baxter, and first runner-up to Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 Raven. MAL 2019 was held during a very cold weekend in our nation’s […]

Meet Mr. Maryland Leather 2019

It is that time of year again: the holidays are over, Sir Steve has left for Florida for the winter, the Ravens have lost, and the days are dark and gray. It is so easy to just stay home, curl up on the sofa, and watch TV. It is also easy to feel lethargic and melancholy. On Tuesday, January 8th I had a date with Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 Scorpius Red and after what felt like dinner with an old friend, I was once again ready to face the world.     The bar downstairs at the Mt. Vernon Stable was […]