What’s Next?

  I really enjoy writing my interview columns. I always insist on doing them in person. I like to sit down with that person and really make a connection. You just can’t do that over the telephone and you really can’t do it if you just send them questions and they write their answers and send them back. I also like writing about my experiences at leather events, such as Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. One of the best compliments I ever received from a reader was when a young man came up to me during MAL’s leather cocktails and said, “I’ve […]

Could You Harness the Nerve?

  I’ve considered myself a member of the leather community for many years and I have been a proud member of a leather club for over 20 years. I have hundreds of friends who also consider leather a big part of who that are. Some even argue that it is a lifestyle. But would you wear leather to your high school reunion? Would you wear leather to a friend’s wedding? What if you were going to a big event with thousands of people in attendance and millions more watching on television? Would you dare to hit the red carpet in […]

The Other Leather Community

  For the 14 years that I’ve been writing this column I’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ve interviewed many leather titleholders, reported on leather contests, described leather club’s anniversary weekends in excruciating detail, and have provided a guide to upcoming leather events. For my readers who are not involved in the leather community, I’ve provided a little window into the work that the leather community does for charity. I was recently introduced by one of my ShipMate club brothers to two leathermen who are all play and no work. Let’s just call them the other leather community. These old […]

This Just In

Another super Philly win – Congratulations to Dan Marinari from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and Stephanie Anders (aka Domme Stephxecutioner) from Philadelphia who were sashed Mr. and Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2018 on February 10th at the Bike Stop. It looks like the Philadelphians MC who produce the annual contest have come up with two more super leather titleholders. Talk about a Bolt Bus – There is no bar in Philadelphia called the Philadelphia Eagle – I’m sure you can guess why. But how would you like to visit three Eagle bars in one night? American Leatherwoman 2017 Jackie Thompson will be hosting […]

Now That’s a First

If you Google “Baltimore a city of firsts” you’ll find a long list of inventions and public services that started in Baltimore. Baltimore.org lists everything from the first post office (1774), first city to illuminate streets with gas lights (1816), and the first public library system (1886). That list goes on and on – but they forgot one, and this one is important to me: the first female Eagle bar leather titleholder (1992). That ground-breaking leather titleholder who was sashed Ms. Baltimore Eagle 1992 is Glenda Rider. On Sunday, December 10th I joined Glenda and several other Ms. Baltimore Eagle […]

Pencil This In

Maybe it’s obsessive. For years now I always like to write to-do lists and keep a detailed calendar noting the things I did each day and my future plans. I do these lists in ink. Also I like to plan what the next Leather Line will be about. I have been cranking out this column every other week for over 13 years now and I haven’t missed an issue yet. There’s never a shortage of leather events to write about or leather folks to interview. Unfortunately this year is off to a strange start. I’ve had several planned interviews with […]

Please, Sir–May I Have Another?

We did it. We made it through another year. If you watched some of those “Year in review” pieces on television, 2017 was really a horrible year. I for one went to too many funerals in 2017. Thankfully I ended my year on a high note with a trip to Fort Lauderdale, where I visited my ShipMate club brother Mike Reisig, two COMMAND MC members Mike and Marty, and took a cruise to the Dominican Republic with Thomas of the Centaur MC, Mr. Maryland Leather 2013 Bob Rose, and Mr. Maryland Leather 2007 Sir Steve. Once again my friends from […]