Club Bunns Faces Liquor License Challenge

There was a time when there were several nightclubs that served a predominantly Black sexual and gender minority (SGM) clientele in Baltimore. In fact, at one point there were a total of three such clubs on the block of Lexington St. where Club Bunns is, after thirty years, still located today. Things on that block look very different today. Bunns, is all lit up in neon, making the block feel safer to walk down, while every other building on the block is boarded up, dilapidated and dark. “It’s been that way for at least five years or so,” said AD […]

What’s Next?

  I really enjoy writing my interview columns. I always insist on doing them in person. I like to sit down with that person and really make a connection. You just can’t do that over the telephone and you really can’t do it if you just send them questions and they write their answers and send them back. I also like writing about my experiences at leather events, such as Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. One of the best compliments I ever received from a reader was when a young man came up to me during MAL’s leather cocktails and said, “I’ve […]

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act became law in our state as of February 11th. This law requires all public and private employers to provide paid and unpaid earned sick and safe leave to eligible employees. According to the new law, an eligible employee can use earned sick and safe time for medical needs, such as, employee or family members mental and physical illness, injury, or medical visits including preventive care. As well, the law provides for maternity or paternity leave (to bond with a child). Other reasons for time-off include recovering from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking (including […]

Women & Retirement Planning

Having been raised primarily by my mother, I’ve witnessed the many challenges that women can face when planning their finances. Whether it’s raising a child and working full time (or multiple jobs), coping with financial distress after a divorce, earning less than their male counterparts, or planning for a longer retirement, women often find themselves playing catch-up. Although equal pay has been the law since 1963, women are still paid less than men – even with similar education, skills, and experience. The National Women’s Law Center estimates that women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar a man was […]

Trinacria Cafe

111 West Centre Street, Baltimore 443-759-4082 Now that trolling on Craigslist personals has been outlawed, you’re probably looking for ways to pass the time during this last stretch of winter weather. Gather your gaggle and be ready to indulge in homemade Italian food that satisfies a range of culinary cravings. Welcome to Trinacria Cafe, a casual atmosphere that has a warm and inviting feel the moment you walk through the front door. The staff promptly seated my group and was quick to get us drinks. After making peace with Jesus on a Sunday morning, I felt him smiling back when […]

Loving Your Guests

  Weddings are about two things: Bringing people together to participate in and celebrate the union of two people, and those two people offering hospitality to those participants. Let’s take a look at the many and varied ways that you can make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. Here are a couple of really important ones: Feed them well. If your wedding and reception stretch over a meal hour, feed your guests a full meal that they will enjoy. One of the things that guests remember most about weddings was whether the food was good or not – and if […]

J. Kelly Poorman: Writer with a Western Heart Novelist finds his home on the range

  Writer J. Kelly Poorman has been a member of the gay rodeo circuit since the early 1980s. Having celebrated his 130th rodeo last year with Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (KSGRA) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with Poorman to discuss his rodeo career, his work, and what gay rodeo means to him. Growing up near State College, Pennsylvania, Poorman joined the military and served for eight years. Upon leaving the military, Poorman traveled all over before eventually moving to Los Angeles. It was while there that Poorman began his foray into gay rodeo. “I dated this guy […]

Dead Names

My dead name is not something that I dread with absolute hatred, however, it is also not something I enjoy hearing. And, being in my situation, I am often in an environment where my legal name has to be used. The most frustrating part of this situation is that I was so close to actually getting my name legally changed. I finally had the money and time for it, but of course it seems that life goes down as soon as it goes up. I was unable to change it because I moved to another county and local laws say […]

Catching Up With Hagerstown Hopes

  The folks at Hagerstown Hopes have been very busy. For months I’ve been seeing updates via their Facebook page: exciting news of a new community center, social outings, and of course, news of the upcoming Hagerstown Pride. I recently met with Jeff Rohrer, president of Hagerstown Hopes, to learn more about what they’ll be bringing to the community. Let me tell you, it’s everything I could have asked for, and more. First on the list is the new LGBTQ community center located in Mulberry Lofts, which is expected to open very soon. Rohrer says that they’re down to a […]

Bullies on the Playground

The other day some of my big kids took my little kids to the park. This is one of the benefits of having so many kids. There are kids who can drive, who enjoy taking little kids to the park or the trampoline park or on playdates. Anyway, the kids arrived at the park to find they were the only ones at the playground. It was great for a while. The little kids laughed and played. They ran from swings to slides. The older kids took turns pushing the kids on swings or chatting with each other. A couple of […]