How high

While watching “The High Note” (Focus), Tracee Ellis Ross’ first major motion picture role as a lead actress, don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking, “Well, this could have gone either way.” Even in the more than capable hands of lesbian filmmaker Nisha Ganatra (“Late Night” and “Chutney Popcorn”), and without the star power of say, Emma Thompson, “The High Note” could have gone sour. As it is, it can be kind of pitchy. Ross, the daughter of diva Diana Ross, plays Grace Davis, a celebrated recording star with 11 Grammys to her name struggling to stay relevant in an industry […]

My Summer Body

This one makes me really nervous. Obviously this photo is intimate and sensual and I realize that’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea — especially not for folks who knew me in The Before Times™. I’ve been sort of tacitly dreading the day we’d get here because I feel like I’m at a real crossroads. For the last 30 years of my life I have hated this body with every fiber of who I am. It disgusted me to look at, let alone be trapped in. I spent 30 years living in that body and following unnatural and […]

What about sex during the pandemic?

Boston, MA – A viewpoint published in Annals of Internal Medicine urges clinicians to counsel patients about their sexual health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers practical advice that can be shared in brief conversations and referrals to relevant resources. “More than 200,000 people have died of COVID-19, which has led to widespread concern about the ease with which the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is transmitted from one person to another,” said Dr. Jack Turban, resident physician in psychiatry at The Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital and lead author of the viewpoint.             The coronavirus is readily […]

HRC Biden endorsement begins work to turn out LGBTQ vote

Washington, D. C. – Recently, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president, saying “His dedication to advancing LGBTQ equality, even when it was unpopular to do so, has pushed our country and our movement forward.” The endorsement came on the eighth anniversary of Biden’s endorsement of marriage equality in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” That move helped nudge President Obama to support same-sex marriage. Qnotes has asked what HRC and other LGBTQ organizations have done, and are doing, to mobilize people to vote.             HRC has built a membership of more […]

The pre-Stonewall movie ‘The Queen’ fully restored

New York, NY – First released in 1968, Frank Simon’s The Queen is a historic documentary about a drag pageant/beauty contest which took place in New York City in 1967. The film has rarely been screened since but has now been fully restored by Kino Lorber and is currently streaming at Kino Now, Kino Lorber’s streaming platform. The film is also streaming at Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and Fandango Now. The Queen will be available on DVD on June 2.             Produced two years before the Stonewall Riots, when homosexuality and dressing in drag were still illegal in New York […]

AIDS Healthcare Foundation says remdesivir should be $1.00

Washington, D. C. – The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has demanded that remdesivir, the newly approved drug for treating COVID-19, be priced at no more than one US dollar per dose. The AHF further demanded that Gilead Sciences also disclose all its public research and development costs and all public investments in connection with the development of remdesivir. The AHF’s dollar-per-dose demand is based on a University of Liverpool research study, “Minimum costs to manufacture new treatments for COVID-19,” which allows for recovery of the cost of manufacturing plus a reasonable profit.             On May 1, the US Food and […]

Plaintiff in Trans rights case before Supreme Court, dies

Aimee Stephens, the plaintiff in a landmark Trans rights case now pending before the US Supreme Court, died May 12 from complications related to kidney failure. She was 59. According to her ACLU attorneys, she had undergone dialysis treatments for many years and began at-home hospice care in April. Her wife, Donna Stephens, and her daughter, Elizabeth, were at her bedside when she died. In her last days, Stephens had to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for end-of-life expenses. She hadn’t worked since she was fired from her job as a funeral director in 2013. The firing […]

Dallas annual Juneteenth event cancelled due to COVID

Dallas, TX – Dallas Southern Pride organizers announced May 15 that they are cancelling the 2020 Juneteenth Weekend events in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Organizers had gathered this week “to discuss the health and safety of our team and, most importantly, our community,” and as a result decided to cancel the events, which the organization sponsors each June to mark the day that slaves in Texas learned, two years after the fact, that Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery in the U.S.             The decision to cancel the events is “in line with local, state and […]

Gay City, a radical response to another plague 25-years ago

Seattle, WA – “Twenty-five years ago this month, at the height of a different pandemic, Gay City was born. I founded the Seattle nonprofit with a band of young AIDS activists at a time when there was no treatment for the fatal disease. Infections were skyrocketing as people wearied of strict health guidelines, growing complacent and hopeless. Government resources were misallocated and community-based efforts had grown tired, safe and irrelevant.             “Gay City started as a series of public forums that brought together hundreds of gay men to vent, learn and share ideas for reversing the tide of HIV. The […]

Netflix steams documentary of legendary Gay porn store

Dallas, TX – Gay porn is not what straight, religious-conservative married couple Barry and Karen Mason thought they’d become known for. But for over 35 years, they owned a bookstore that sold videos like “Confessions of a Two Dick Slut” and “Meat Me at the Fair” in West Hollywood. And now thanks to their daughter, filmmaker and artist Rachel Mason, her parents’ story is a Netflix documentary.             For the couple, however, selling and producing gay porn was just business as usual. Hard times forced Karen, a former journalist, and Barry, a former special visual effects engineer who worked on […]