Skeleton Crew’ Walks Many Lines

She strides across the stage with the confidence of a spry mother tiger in her prime, ready to pounce. She lowers herself into the breakroom couch with the near-unbearable weight of the world on her shoulders. She inhales on a cigarette as if it is her last breath on this grimy, wretched earth, and then breezily exhales like she hasn’t a care in the world. She holds everyone else together, knows what they’re going to feel before they do, bears all but never bares all, and in the end, she does what needs to be done. She is Faye – […]

Actions Louder Than Words

Trump & Pence threaten our survival every day As we commiserate on one whole unbelievable and horrific year under this homophobic administration, it is vital that we know exactly what we are up against. The following is a list of anti-LGBT and anti-transgender actions from the Trump-Pence administration. We Must Resist, resist, resist: January 18th, 2018: The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights opened a “Conscience and Religious Freedom Division” that will promote discrimination by health care providers who can cite religious or moral reasons for denying care. December 14th: Staff at the Centers for Disease Control and […]