Coming Out & Confronting Bias

By Johanna M. Dolan Everyday more and more of us make the bold choice to come all the way out of the closet. As you no doubt know many have overcome the life-threatening challenges of coming out of the closet right in front of us and are now leading happy, successful lives. Some of us don’t survive the coming out process. It’s time for that to stop. This means that we need to address the elephant in the room – no matter how open you personally are in your own life; it doesn’t mean that all LGBTQ individuals have come […]

Dining Out for Life, Thurs., Sept. 19th

You, your family and friends like to eat, right? Of course! Gather them together and do what you already enjoy, and bring them along to help Moveable Feast to support their important work putting nutritious food on the table for Marylanders living with chronic medical illnesses such as HIV, cancer, cardiovascular disease and renal disease! When you visit one of almost 60 participating eateries across Baltimore on September 19th as part of Dining Out for Life, now in its 26th year as a fundraiser for Moveable Feast, they will donate at least 25% of sales from specified meals or times. […]

Baltimore Drag Festival, Sat., Sept. 14th

Unless you’ve been to DragCon or a similar event in another city, it’s doubtful you will see as much drag in one day and in one place as you’ll see on Saturday, September 14th at Baltimore’s first ever Drag Festival. All the dragstravaganza will take place at the Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore). The day kicks off with “Story Time with Drag Queens” from noon to 1 pm. Everyone loves story time, and everything is better with drag queens, right? Baltimore’s own Pariah Sinclair and Lula Lioness will host this event reading kids stories with a twist. It’s open […]

Royal Shuffle: New King & Queen of Pride to be Selected 9/20

Baltimore OUTloud had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rik Newton-Treadway, one of the three promoters who put the annual King and Queen of Pride event together. (Full disclosure: Baltimore OUTloud is the event’s proud media sponsor!) This year we’ll be crowning the 30th queen and our 20th king, and support for the new royalty is incredible. Rik was able to give us some of the event’s storied history. “Back in 1990 when this all started, the way you were crowned was to raise the most money for a charity of your choice,” Rik explained. “Our first Queen […]

‘Safe Haven’ Offers Hand Up for Trans People Working the Street

By Lauren Vella “Baltimore is a genocide to its own people,” Iya Dammons, director of Baltimore Safe Haven, declared on September 2nd, two weeks before her nonprofit drop-in center’s official opening. Dammons was leading a meeting to talk about immediate issues that the LGBT community – and more specifically, the black trans community face on a daily basis. Safe Haven offers services such as temporary housing, safe sex kits, professional training, clothing, and syringe exhange to address homelessness and lack of resources, what Dammons says is at the root of LGBT inequality. A little less than a year ago, Dammons […]

Get to Know Mental Health Resources

By Dr. Andrea Gottlieb Welcome to the very first Mental Health Moment! In this monthly column, experts from Sheppard Pratt Health System will share advice, resources, and practices to help you build a healthy mind. Americans spend thousands of hours at the gym each year to build healthy bodies, but most give much less attention to the care of their minds. Like your body, your mind and emotions need strengthening, rest, and renewal. Engaging in practices that intentionally foster mental health is every bit as important as going to the gym. Here are a few of these practices: Many people […]

Skin Cancer Prevention

A discussion with Dr. Ciro Martins of Belcara Health Q. My brother was just diagnosed with melanoma. What can I do to reduce my chances of getting it too? First, I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s diagnosis; I wish him a swift recovery. I’m happy you are seeking information on preventive measures, for the risk of developing skin cancer can be exponentially decreased by taking the right precautions. Although skin cancers can be deadly, they are often completely curable when diagnosed early. Each year millions of people get skin cancer, and contrary to popular belief, anyone can get it. […]

Taking Up a New Fitness Hobby

If you’ve ever been told – or told someone else – that they need to get a hobby, well, turns out it may have actually been very good advice. Fitness is a big part of many people’s lives, and it’s a tremendous, life-extending hobby, but we recognize it’s not everything in life. But when we’re not working class or spending time with family, there’s more to be enjoyed. Get yourself a hobby. Here’s why. Hobbies relieve stress. Stress comes from everywhere. Work, family, financial pressures, and so on. But fishing? Learning woodworking? Ah … stress relief! Hobbies demand some attention […]

Results Published: National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

A new report published during June’s Pride Month by the Trevor Project, a nonprofit that seeks to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth, found significant rates of mental health issues and discrimination among LGBTQ youth. According to the Trevor Project, this is the “largest survey of LGBTQ youth mental health ever conducted,” with more than 34,000 respondents from across the US. Among the survey’s most troubling statistics was the finding that 39% of LGBTQ youth – and more than half of respondents who identified as transgender or non-binary – had seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. And 71% of […]

Exchange Students: Opening Your Home, Your Heart

The ASSE International Student Exchange Program is looking for LGBTQ and straight ally families or individuals to help host their exchange students. (The group was originally established as the American Scandinavian Student Exchange in 1976, but now serves students the world over.) Esther-Marie Emslie, the group’s area representative for Frederick and Washington counties, recently told Baltimore OUTloud about the first transgender student coming to Maryland this year. “We’re very excited about this,” Emslie adding that there’s also another student looking for a host family. “Julia is a 16-year-old young lady from Spain. She speaks Spanish, English, and French and is […]