Philadelphia installs historic LGBTQ markers

Philadelphia, PA – The installation of three LGBTQ+ historical markers in Philadelphia will make the City of Brotherly Love home to the most such markers in the world. The three markers honor Alain Locke, “Father of the Harlem Renaissance” writer, professor and philosopher; Gloria Casarez, Latinx and LGBTQ civil rights leader and the first director of Philly’s Office of LGBT Affairs; and the Philadelphia Gay News (PGN). Locke’s marker was installed Oct. 3, Casarez’s on Oct. 8, and PGN’s will be installed on Oct. 13. Two more markers commemorating LGBTQ activists and allies will be installed in Harrisburg on Oct. […]

March for women’s reproductive rights in Seattle

Seattle, WA – On Saturday, October 2, hundreds of people gathered in front of Seattle’s Westlake Center to protest recent attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Outrage sparked across the country after Texas passed the “heartbeat bill,” making it illegal for people in the state of Texas to receive an abortion after six weeks into their pregnancy. Although the law applies only to Texans, people across the country see it as an overt attack on women’s rights everywhere and fear it could lead to federal challenges against Roe v. Wade. Before an audience in pink hats, the gathering in Downtown Seattle […]

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor continues to spew hate

Charlotte, NC – North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is at it again. Seems the right wing super conservative, who also refers to himself as “a man of God,” just can’t stop embarrassing the state on a relatively regular basis with a variety of anti-LGBTQ comments. On October 6, the progressive Right-Wing Watch website, a conservative watchdog organization, posted a clip on Twitter of Robinson speaking at Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, North Carolina this past June when he made the following comments: “There’s no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of […]

The worst of Pat Robertson’s 60years on TV

New York City – After televangelist Pat Robertson’s surprise announcement that he was stepping down as the host of The 700 Club after 60 years on air, lists of his “greatest hits” of the worst things he’s said over the years were quick to fill the internet, reports Bil Browning for LGBTQ Nation. And there’ve been some doozies. But the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has compiled a tribute to Robertson, “Now That’s What I Call Yikes!,” that’s full of clips of the infamous self-proclaimed prophet spewing hate in the name of a loving God. He made a fortune […]

Dutch Gay man killed by Nazis was leader of resistance

Washington, D. C. – In the final days before his execution in July 1943 at the hands of the Nazi party, Willem Arondeus asked his lawyer for one last request: to spread a message after he was gone. “Let it be known,” he said. “Homosexuals are not cowards.” A battle cry of defiance and a bold assertion of his strength, Arondeus lived his life by these words. An openly gay man and a tireless member of the Dutch resistance against the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, he willingly sacrificed his life for a mission that ultimately protected hundreds of thousands […]

Police investigate murder of trans woman in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX – Arlington police are investigating the murder of a transgender woman found in her car Thursday night, Sept. 30, at an apartment complex in North Arlington. According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiners Office’s website, the victim is Kier Laprice Solomon, 21, of Dallas. But the Medical Examiner’s website lists her gender as male. A post on the Nu Trans Movement’s Facebook page about the murder identifies her as Kiér Laprí Kartier. According to a statement from the Arlington PD public information office, at 9:32 p.m. Thursday night, a resident reported finding an unresponsive person inside a vehicle […]

Disney 50s child star who was let go for being Gay dies at 79

Las Vegas, NV – David Reddish reports for Queerty that Tommy Kirk, the child star of classic Disney films Swiss Family Robinson and Old Yeller has died. He was 79 years old. Kirk rose to fame as a pet project of Walt Disney himself, who cast Kirk in the original TV series The Hardy Boys, part of the popular show The Mickey Mouse Club. The popularity of the show made Kirk into a household star, as Disney used him as a host for newsreel specials for the show. Kirk attended both the Democratic and Republican conventions in 1956 and hosted […]

Band supports LGBTQ community at home-coming game

Ann Arbor, MI – Bil Browning write for LGBTQ Nation that the University of Michigan Marching Band brought fans to their feet with a rousing performance in honor of the LGBTQ community and a local queer resource center. The medley of popular songs associated with the community had fans cheering for LGBTQ rights and noting that love always wins. The show took approximately eight months to plan and includes hits from Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Sister Sledge, Kim Petras, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and the theme song from the Golden Girls. “The point we were trying to make is […]

Exposing people to HIV remains a crime in most US States

Memphis, TN – Robin Lennon-Dearing writes in The Conversation and reprinted in Edge Media Network that despite the fact that HIV is now a treatable medical condition, the majority of U.S. states still have laws on the books that criminalize exposing other people to HIV. Whether or not the virus is transmitted does not matter. Neither does a person’s intention to cause harm. A person simply must be aware of being HIV-positive to be found guilty. These laws are enforced mainly on marginalized people living in poverty who cannot afford lawyers. The penalties — felony convictions and being placed on […]

Biden’s pro LGBTQ rights UN speech knocked by GOP club

New York City – Alex Bollinger write for LGBTQ Nation that President Joe Biden called on the world to do more to protect LGBTQ people while addressing the U.N. General Assembly, which angered gay conservatives in the U.S. “We all must defend the rights of LGBTQI individuals so they can live and love openly without fear, whether it’s Chechnya, or Cameroon, or anywhere,” Biden said on September 21 in his speech, referring to two specific countries that have made international headlines for state-sanctioned anti-LGBTQ arrests, internments, and violence in the recent past. “As we pursue diplomacy across the board, the […]