I Already Know What to Do!

I’ve literally sat down in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective clients and gym-goers. I’ve gotten a lot of people started on fitness programs, some fee-based and some free. I’ve also gotten a lot of excuses over the years … excuses and rationalizations are my favorite! Someone who is ready to start is exciting but, showing someone who isn’t convinced the true value of fitness – now that’s awesome. It’s like showing someone who’s never heard of electricity a light switch… they don’t believe you until they flip it on and boom! My favorite excuse for not getting started […]

Depression and Exercise

  Winter can be a hard time – lack of sunlight, cold weather, holidays, lack of physical activity. These coupled with mental illness can be a nightmare. This nightmare impacts those with depression and those who love them. But what can we do? There are traditional medical remedies (which I fully endorse) of therapy and medication. But this isn’t enough for many. We all know regular exercise and proper nutrition help our bodies function better. We often forget the mind is part of the body and our mood is a result of a chemical process. These chemicals, when improperly balanced, […]

The Failure of Fitness

  The fitness world has failed you. Those of us in the gym world have taken sides and, as a result, our clients and their results have suffered. Trainers and coaches have created a world of division rather than unity. We make ourselves “experts” in a specific area and leave other aspects out or dismiss them all together. Ask a personal trainer their opinion of crossfit, group exercise, yoga, pilates, power lifting, bodybuilding, etc. You’ll find a series of opinions not facts. The industry demands specialization. In doing so we create vision – everything can be solved with hot yoga […]

Fill Your Cup

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t give from an empty cup.” And to be honest, it used to drive me crazy. I never understood the concept of taking care of yourself, so that you can give your best effort in everything you do. Unfortunately, for most of the population, this concept is non-existent. Most of us juggle many responsibilities and aren’t taking care of ourselves – physically, mentally, or emotionally. Having experienced total depletion on all three of these, I want to give you my top-five tips for making sure I’m taking care of my needs every day. I […]

Living Through Depression

Depression– melancholy, despair, and unhappiness – is one of the greatest misfortunes and it has crept into the crevices and corridors of our faith communities. Anyone so suffering should seek pastoral and/or professional counseling and stay completely committed to their healing and recovery. Please follow and like us:

The Journey or the Destination?

Think about the saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” Is it simply something people say who’ve never achieved a goal? When I’m flying from Baltimore to South Florida the destination is fairly important. In fact, if the plane doesn’t crash, the journey is mundane! Sure, the journey by which we as human beings came to have the ability and privilege to get on an airplane is an amazing tale but these days air travel is business as usual. Please follow and like us:

Why Diets Fail

So many of us have tried to change our eating habits with very little long-term success. Often the results from “diets” are not permanent. It’s frustrating and defeating, and often causes people to think that this whole eating-healthy thing isn’t worth it because it doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great diets out there that will give you immediate results, but the problem is maintaining those results. We all know someone who has lost 40 pounds, only to gain 80 back. And the reasons are usually the same – the diet doesn’t ease you into huge changes […]

Everyone Wants Abs

Every weight-loss client I meet will almost inevitably grab the excess skin around their midsection and say, “I want to get rid of this and have abs.” Even men and women who are already in relatively good shape will bemoan the appearance of their stomach. And I’m no exception to this. We are bombarded by images of male fitness models with ripped washboard abs like stones bulging from their stomachs or by women will flat, fat-free cores or even separated abdominal muscles. All of this is well and good but it sends an unrealistic message – this is what you […]

Why You Shouldn’t Work Out!

As a fitness professional I’ve trained hundreds of people and written dozens of articles about exercise, health and wellness. I’ve changed my tune – every day I hear a lot of reasons and excuses to not train. I’ve been doing this for two decades now and I guess I’m just tired of trying to convince you so here are the top ten Reasons to not exercise! Please follow and like us: