Update from City HALL

Hello, readers! After a short break, your exclusive update from City Hall returns! I have just completed my first six months as your LGBTQ liaison in the office of Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and I could not be more thrilled about the work I have the pleasure of doing, the work our mayor is doing, and the work our community is doing to move Baltimore forward. The Baltimore City LGBTQ Commission is shaping up to be an impactful group of advocates who are ready to get to work. Our commission last met in January, where we began to brainstorm and […]

Revitalizing Baltimore

It’s election season, and many of us are feeling the heat of political battles happening across the country. Most relevant to our community, we recently learned of the current federal administration’s plans to establish an inaccurate definition of sex which disregards gender or the nonbinary nature of assigned sex, and will further the marginalization of transgender and intersex people. Although I believe this is the latest in a series of abusive tactics used by the current administration to rile us up, this action is not to be taken lightly and could cause irreparable damage to a group of people who […]