The Risks & Rewards of Anal Sex

All gay men have lots of anal sex and are experts at it, right? Not necessarily – many guys are intimidated by penetrative sex due to safety concerns, nervousness about potential pain, or insecurity. The good news is that these worries can be cured with a little education. Anal sex does carry certain risks that you need to be aware of, but when done safely and correctly, it can provide great pleasure to both partners. Anal sex presents a greater risk for bottoms than for tops. This is not a myth – it is based purely on anatomy. The lining […]

Gay Sex in the Golden Years

Of all the factors that affect your sex life, the most predictable is the natural process of aging. As men get older, they often notice that their libido is no longer raging, that their erections are no longer as quick on the draw or as firm, and that they need more time to recover after sex. These changes happen at different times to different men, but they happen to every man who lives long enough! Does this mean that you have to give up on a fulfilling sex life after reaching a certain age? Of course not! If you are […]

Gay Love in the Time of Internet Porn

Gone are the days when guys had to carry X-rated magazines and videos out of stores in discreet brown paper bags – now gay porn is available 24/7 from a seemingly infinite variety of online sources. As the infamous Rule 34 of the internet states, if it exists, there is porn of it. But many men are discovering that there is a downside to this X-rated smorgasbord. With pornography so widely available, both gay and heterosexual men have become prone to so-called sexual addiction. From a medical standpoint, a true addiction to sex is impossible. The criterion for addiction is […]

Why Gay Men Should Come Out About Their Sexual Health

Over the past decade, the gay community has come out of the closet – and by extension, I have seen more openly gay and bisexual men in my urology practice in recent years. I’ve been pleased to see that these men’s willingness to be open about their sexuality also makes them more willing to talk about their health concerns. So what do gay men ask about when they visit their urologist? In my experience, the most common questions are the same for all men regardless of sexual orientation – erectile dysfunction, prostatic obstruction, and prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is […]