Venue Tour Checklist

Some of the best fun you’ll have in planning your wedding is visiting venues! You get to see interesting and unique spaces, some of which you’d never see otherwise. Choosing a venue takes time. There is information to gather, places to visit, and time to spend talking and reflecting with your partner. Give yourself the gift of time. Here are some things to know and do: • Know when you want to get married – You don’t have to have an exact date – although some couples do – but have a range in mind, whether it’s any Saturday in […]

Great Alternatives to a Big Wedding!

Want a fabulous wedding that doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars or involve 100-plus guests? Let’s talk elopement! Small is beautiful! You can have everything you want, including a stunningly-beautiful wedding venue, professional photography, beautiful flowers, live music, and of course, a gorgeous outfit, without the fuss and expense of lots of guests. Traditionally, “elopement” refers to a wedding ceremony in which only the couple to be married and the wedding officiant, who conducts the ceremony, are present. Today, elopement is a term of art used in the wedding world to describe a wedding ceremony with as many as […]

Making a Joyful Noise

Most people don’t see live music on a regular basis. It’s special. The core experience of weddings is the spiritual and emotional beauty of two people joining their lives together. Couples honor and embrace that experience by creating a beautiful environment, and using sacred and secular rituals. The idea is to create something special and memorable, infused with beauty in every possible way. A lot of what couples think about as they plan their wedding centers around visual beauty. That’s a good and important thing to do, to be sure. But imagine a wedding ceremony and reception in complete silence, […]

Better Safe (and Dry) Than Sorry

I remember being in the checkout line at Whole Foods a June or three ago and hearing the customer ahead of me talking to the cashier about her upcoming wedding. My ears perked up. I asked, as I do, “Where are you getting married?” “Federal Hill,” she responded. Now as you may know, Federal Hill is both a neighborhood and a park in Baltimore, all on the National Register of Historic Places. She was talking about the park, which is set on a steep hill overlooking the Inner Harbor. On another June day, in 1608, explorer John Smith called it, […]

The Perfect Backyard Tented Reception

If a backyard wedding is your heart’s desire, putting a tent up is a great way to create something special for your wedding. There are lots of types and styles of tents, and many sizes. A good tent rental company will take the time to carefully assess your needs and recommend the best tent for your wedding. I’m a big fan of clear tents. Looking up at trees, buildings, and sky through a clear canopy is an almost transcendent experience! A clear canopy and sides make your tent as invisible as any tent could ever be, and allows views of […]