The Man Behind the Art

You probably don’t know the name Touko Laaksonen, but you’ve probably seen his artwork, what was once very underground that is now pretty mainstream. But when Laaksonen began drawing his highly erotic, hyper-real depictions of strong, handsome, gay men he had to use a pseudonym because such things were illegal at that time (the 1940s), so Touko became Tom, and eventually Tom of Finland. The new movie Tom of Finland tells the life story of Touko Laaksonen starting with his service in the war. Touko (Pekka Strang) is forced to lead a closeted life in the service but he still […]

Amazing Finale

It’s been four years since 20th Century Fox launched the Maze Runner series and over the course of that time, a few other franchises have ended but not without leaving a bad taste in the fans’ mouths due to studio greed resulting in stretching the final chapter out to two movies, with the first of the two usually nothing but padding. The Divergent series isn’t even getting its “Part 2” finale because the first part sucked, hard. So the studio seemed to have learned a lesson and mercifully contained the final Maze Runner film to a single film-going experience. And […]

Monster Mash Young Frankenstein is alive, alive at Toby’s Dinner Theatre

I’ve been attending the shows at Toby’s Dinner Theatre for a year now, and while they are always of the highest quality, the subject matter of the majority of them often comes with more drama than the lightheartedness one usually associates with a musical. Well, that situation has been rectified with the current production of Young Frankenstein, bringing a breath of fresh air to Toby’s stage. For those not in the know, Young Frankenstein is based on the classic comedy film by Mel Brooks, and actually became Brooks’s second Broadway musical after the huge success of The Producers, also adapted […]

Italian Rhapsody

Call Me By Your Name is a slow burn of longing and desire A new film is getting a lot of buzz right now not only for its awards possibilities, but for its subject matter as well. Call Me By Your Name, based on the novel by André Aciman, stars Timothée Chalamet (also getting notice for his role in Lady Bird) as Elio, a 17-year-old living in a small town in Northern Italy with his parents. His father (Michael Stuhlbarg) is an antiquities and archeology professor, and each summer for six weeks the family hosts a visiting grad student to […]