A Celebration of Love & Life at Sundance

The celebration of the year is happening at Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Join CAMP (“Create A More Positive”) Rehoboth at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center on September 1st and 2nd as they celebrate love and life at Sundance 2018 – Rainbow XXXI: In the Name of Love. This annual fundraising event is one you won’t want to miss. Sundance began in 1988. Founders Steve Elkins and Murray Archibald were celebrating their tenth anniversary and wanted to do something special. “It was the height of the AIDS epidemic, and our friends were dying,” says Archibald. “We lived in New York, and […]

Great Britain Bound: The BSO Heads Overseas

On August 21st, 102 musicians, ten staff members, two consultants, and 82 guests embark on a legendary international tour. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) will perform in their first international tour in Ireland and the UK. “The BSO is honored to make its return to international touring at such prestigious festivals and venues,” says Tonya McBride Robles, BSO general manager. “The invitation to play not once, but twice, at the Edinburgh Festival, and on the actual anniversary of Bernstein’s birthday during his centenary, is a privilege. Likewise, performing at the BBC Proms, with a radio and television broadcast of the […]

A Road Trip of Acceptance

A road trip across America is the perfect balm needed to mend a broken heart. Or it’s an interesting way for a lost person to discover the things they didn’t know about themselves. This idea of “road trip” takes on a slightly different meaning in the novel America for Beginners. Instead of a stereotypical group of artists or lost twentysomethings, this story features a Bengali widow and her guides as she travels across the US to uncover the truth about her son and decide on whether she wants to live or die. In her debut novel, author Leah Franqui tells […]

Triwizard Tourney at the BSO

Dragons, a maze, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Daniel Radcliffe’s unfortunate haircut – the Triwizard Tournament is heading to the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Hear the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) play the score alongside a special viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from July 12th through July 14th. Audience members may be enjoying Harry’s thrilling fourth year at Hogwarts, but the BSO will be hard at work behind the scenes. Many people do not realize the level of preparation involved with these live orchestra and movie performances. “In terms of the non-musical part of the production, our staff first receives a […]

BOOKS: Getting In & Out of the Swim

When a young, talented athlete, actor, musician, etc. comes on the scene, it is easy to be swept up in the excitement and think that young person has it made. They are gifted and should be placed on a pedestal. In her debut, Godspeed, Casey Legler debunks the myth of the talented, young athlete by sharing her story of life as a troubled Olympic swimmer. To an outsider, Legler had a unique and brilliant life opportunity. She lived in France with her family and began swimming at age 12. Her height and raw athletic talent made her a natural and […]

An Edgy Thriller

Summertime is here, and that means vacations. It doesn’t matter what your plans are – international adventures, weekends at the beach, the much needed “staycation” – vacations allow you to take a break from life. They allow you to relax and have a day where the hardest decision you need to make is whether you should put on pants or not. In The Cabin at the End of the World, Eric, Andrew, and their daughter, Wen, thought they were getting their relaxing vacation. The novel begins with Wen playing outside. While catching grasshoppers, Wen notices a man approaching. Her dads […]

Music Meets Fashion at the BSO

When thinking of formal wear, Under Armour, Uniqlo, and Eileen Fisher are probably not the first brands that pop into your mind. However, thanks to a unique collaboration between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and the New School’s Parsons School of Design, with the help of these brands, the idea of orchestral formal wear will be reinvented. Earlier this month, the BSO debuted new orchestral garments for their musicians. This project, spearheaded by Music Director Marin Alsop and Parsons professor and designer Gabi Asfour, was commissioned to help bring a new level of functionality to the garments while maintaining a […]

Kick Off Summer with the New Music Festival

Kick off your summer with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) as they celebrate contemporary classical music during their New Music Festival. From June 20th to 23rd, Music Director Marin Alsop and the BSO will tour Baltimore venues and perform pieces by Thierry De Mey, Du Yun, Dan Visconti, Osvaldo Golijov, and James MacMillan. The festival will also feature the world premiere of Kevin Puts’s Oboe Concerto, “Moonlight.” “The BSO’s New Music Festival focuses on the idea of combining music and art in fresh and approachable ways by connecting the music of some of the most creative composers active today with […]

Fighting for Your Life

Looking back on the fears and fights of the 1980s in the midst of a raging epidemic There are books that help you pass a little time – at the beach, on an airplane, in waiting rooms. You aren’t completely invested in them, but the stories are enjoyable. Then there are books that are poignant, captivating, and so compelling that you stay up until 2 am because you have to finish it. The characters become a part of you, and the story courses through your mind for days. The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai is a one of those books. […]

MSAC Honors 78 Artists State drops some coins in starving artists’ cups – Next year, maybe yours!

On May 20th, the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) honored 78 artists at the American Visionary Arts Museum. These playwrights, craft makers, photographers, and non-classical music composers and performers were the awardees of the 2018 Individual Artist Awards (IAA) – an award based entirely on artistic merit that is designed to recognize outstanding achievement and support creative growth. “Maryland has a long history of artistic excellence,” said Ken Skrzesz, MSAC executive director. “The Individual Artist Award specifically celebrates the accomplishments of creative energies, across our state, who are in their studios, in their communities, breathing life into innovative ideas through […]