Things To Do Before and After Getting Married

In 2013, when same-sex marriage first became legal in Maryland, there was a rush to tie the knot. Whether couples headed to the altar, the courthouse, or the leafy comfort of their own backyards, male couples and female couples alike seized the opportunity to turn their emotional bond into a legal commitment. The initial flurry of same-sex weddings may have abated, but the social and legal benefits of marriage are still no less attractive to those of us in the LGBTQ community. The prospect of inheriting from each other tax-free, of receiving special Social Security assistance, of possibly receiving an […]

The Case of Close

Glenn Close is a legend. Her career is now in its fifth decade and, along the way, she’s racked up an impressive list of accolades: 3 Emmys, 3 Tonys, and 3 Golden Globe Awards. She’s also been nominated for an Oscar eight times, but has yet to win the entertainment industry’s most prestigious award. Vanity Fair has described Close as “one of the great actresses of our time” and, in 2019, Time magazine included her as one of its 100 most influential people. With a resume like this, it’s safe to say that Glenn Close is an A-lister and living […]

A Mother’s Story & My Life

This is a letter that my mother wrote to her best friend’s husband about their friendship over my transition back in 2010. Later their friendship was reunited after they understood who I am. Here is that letter. Well David under the circumstance right now I think it’s better Kate and I just distance ourselves for a while because whenever I talk with her it only make me feel worse.  I know she is having a hard time trying to understand what my son is going through and she is not interested in reading up on children born this way therefore […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Creates Growing Need for Behavioral Health Services

The physical toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is measured in new cases and medical outcomes, but hidden costs of the pandemic are often borne by those who may never contract the virus. The stresses of the pandemic and the restricted lives most Americans face have caused a surge in the demand for behavioral health services. This need comes not just from those already in care who find themselves cut off from their traditional appointments and groups, but also from individuals who might never before have needed behavioral health assistance. Dr. Stephanie Saunders, PsyD, Director of Behavioral Health for Chase Brexton […]

COVID Testing and Long COVID

Dear Dr. Eva, I was sick for 3 weeks. It seemed like COVID. I had a bad cough, was short of breath, was totally exhausted and my sense of taste and smell were less than normal (but didn’t disappear completely). I had five COVID tests and they all came up negative. My doctor says she thinks I probably did have COVID. Is it possible to have COVID and keep testing negative for it? Been Pretty Sick   Dear BPS, Testing for COVID is very finicky and time-sensitive. There are three main kinds of COVID tests: antigen tests, DNA tests, and […]

The Politics and Pitfalls of HIV Community Language

Kiara St James, Ben Plumley, Jose Romero, and Mark S. King Two broadcasts this week took a look at the words we use as people living with HIV – and the words others use to describe us. Those words can be hurtful or weaponized, even among ourselves. As a participant in both conversations, the question boils down to, “how willing are we to update our vocabularies to make the world a little safer for other people?” It might be as simple as naming your pronouns, which was one of the topics of a webinar hosted by the HIV Caucus this week. The […]

Spring into a new book: poetry

After a brutal winter, made even more difficult by the pandemic and killer storms, the Spring Equinox and warmer weather days are in sight. The following new poetry titles are another way to welcome the change in seasons.   As I said in my blurb for Lambda Literary Award-winning lesbian poet and memoirist Maureen Seaton’s Undersea (JackLeg Press, 2021), her “sun- and sea-drenched poetry collection combines all of her strengths:  teacher, lover, observer, seeker, reporter, tour guide, singer, naturalist, rover, sibling, and wordsmith. Seaton invites readers to a faulty but irresistible paradise, complete with detailed instructions, and we’d be foolish not to accept. […]

Japanese court: Same sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Sapporo, Japan – After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality, everyone expected countries around the world to follow suit. Few have. A court ruling today in Japan, however, may lead to marriage equality in that country. The Sapporo District Court ruled that failure to recognize same-sex marriages is unconstitutional. In its decision, the court wrote that since sexuality is not a matter of preference, denying same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples is unconstitutional. The lawsuit was brought by three couples that each sued for 1 million yen (under $10,000) for psychological damage caused by the government’s […]

No blessings for same-sex couples from Catholic Church

The Vatican – Roman Catholic clergy may not bless same-sex couples, the Vatican said on March 15. The Vatican’s doctrinal office issued a document, said to be personally approved by Pope Francis, saying it is impermissible for clergy to pronounce blessings on any relationship outside of marriage between a man and a woman. Such blessings are wrong, the Vatican said, because they would seem “to approve and encourage a choice and a way of life that cannot be recognized as objectively ordered to the revealed plans of God,” adding that God “does not and cannot bless sin.” The document reaffirms […]

US charges Swiss queer hacktivist for exposing flaws

Seattle, WA – Matt O’Brien reports for The Associated Press that the Justice Department has charged a Swiss hacker with computer intrusion and identity theft, just over a week after the hacker embarrassed a U.S. security-camera startup and its clients by showing how easy it was to spy on the cameras watching over hospitals, schools and corporate offices. An indictment against 21-year-old Tillie Kottmann of Lucerne, Switzerland, who uses they/them pronouns, was brought by a grand jury in the Seattle-based Western District of Washington. Use the link below for the full story. Kottmann has described the most recent leak of […]