Number of Americans that identify as LGBTQ is going up

New York, NY – The latest Gallup survey found that 5.6 percent of Americans identify as LGBTQ. That compares to just 3.5 percent who identified as LGBTQ in 2012 and 4.5 percent in 2017. Only 86.7 percent say they are straight and 7.6 percent didn’t answer the question.             Of those identifying as LGBTQ, more than half say they are bisexual. Almost a quarter identify as gay. Only 12 percent call themselves lesbian and 11 percent transgender. One reason for the lower number of women who identify as lesbian is that women are much more likely than men to identify […]

Rush Limbaugh’s death: one less polluting blowhard

Palm Beach, FL – Rush Limbaugh died on February 17 following a yearlong diagnosis of lung cancer. He was best known for “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” which premiered on August 1, 1988, and focused heavily on politics, with a strong conservative voice. The show reeled in 27 million daily viewers and he regularly said demeaning things about women, bigoted comments on race, and homophobic diatribes.             Limbaugh said that, “feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.” In 1988, he called Amy Carter “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of […]

President Biden supports The Equality Act

Washington, D.C. – On Friday, February 19, President Joe Biden issued a statement in support of The Equality Act, re-introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on Feb. 18, by openly gay U.S. Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., who has introduced the measure each year since 2015. Three Democratic senators — Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Cory Booker of New Jersey and, the first open lesbian elected to the Senate, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin — are expected to re-introduce The Equality Act in the Senate next week.             Biden said in his statement, “I applaud Congressman David Cicilline and the entire Congressional […]

Charlie Brydon, early Seattle LGBTQ rights leader, dies at 81

Seattle, WA – Charlie Brydon, an early LGBTQ rights leader, died February 9, 2021 at age 81 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. From the mid-1970s through the 1990s, Brydon tirelessly networked with political and community leaders in Seattle to establish the LGBTQ community as an important constituency group in the public fabric of Seattle. At key points, Brydon took leadership roles in obtaining anti-discrimination protections in Seattle, as well as defending against ballot initiatives in the late 1970s and mid-1990s that sought to repeal those protections.             Born and raised in New Jersey, Brydon’s education included military prep school and […]

Nearly a third of Gay male couples have open relationships

San Francisco, CA – A new report from the Gay Therapy Center reveals that 30 percent of gay men are in open relationships. The center surveyed 517 gay men in December on the variables of a successful relationship. Adam D. Blum, MFT, the founder and director of the Gay Therapy Center, says that research has also shown that about 50 percent of gay male couples are monogamous and about 50 percent have sex outside of the relationship, which likely comes from a 2010 survey of 556 gay male couples conducted by San Francisco State University. As a couples counselor working […]

RV camp for Gay men criticized for requiring penises

Orleans, MI – David Reddish reports for Queerty that Camp Boomerang, the new gay men-oriented camp near Orleans, Michigan, has come under fire for discrimination…and it hasn’t even opened yet. Owners of the camp declared on social media that transgender men will not be allowed on the campground. “Camp Boomerang is a private, membership-only RV park/campground that allows only ‘guys,’” said Bryan Quinn, owner of Camp Boomerang in a Facebook post, according to PrideSource. “A ‘guy,’ in terms of this discussion, is defined as a person with a penis, [who] presents himself as male and has a state-issued ID that […]

Just Say Yeston!: an interview with Maury Yeston

Theater queens know their leading ladies and leading men. True theater queens know their librettists and composers. From Rogers & Hammerstein and Lerner & Loewe to Bernstein, Sondheim, Herman, Schwartz and Miranda. The name Maury Yeston also belongs on that list. Yeston, the man behind Tony Award-winners Nine and Titanic, as well as Grand Hotel, Death Takes A Holiday, and what has come to be known as the “other” Phantom of the Opera, has had a fantastic career in the theater. As if to drive home that point, we have two recently released albums; Maury Sings Yeston and Anything Can […]

Suggested reading: Winter 2021 non-fiction

So far, it’s been refreshing to President who knows the difference between truth and lies. If you’re the kind of reader who enjoys their prose with a healthy dose of truth, consider these new non-fiction titles to pass the winter days. Let Me Tell You What I Mean (Knopf, 2021) by celebrated writer Joan Didion opens with a lengthy intro by gay writer Hilton Als, before delighting readers with previously uncollected essays written between 20 and 50 years ago on topics as timely as ever, including college admissions stress, addiction programs, the state of journalism, as well as one on […]

Don’t want COVID vaccine?

Let’s start with a few facts. Covid-19 is a dangerous new illness. Despite this, half the people who are infected with Covid have such minor symptoms they don’t know they are infected. Others become extremely ill, mainly with pneumonia, sometimes with strokes or heart attacks, kidney failure or blood clots.  People are 30 times more likely to die of Covid than from influenza (the flu.)  In many states, there are now few hospital beds available because so many people are hospitalized with Covid. The current death rate in the United States from Covid is more than 3000 people a day. […]

Married? Consider Upgrading The Deed to Your House

In 1604, Sir Edward Coke said, “Your house is your safest refuge.” Or words to that effect. He was writing in Latin, but the venerable English judge got his point across well enough. The expression has come down to us in the 21st century as “A man’s house is his castle.” The family home should be a safe haven where we can take refuge from the perils of the outside world. Within its walls relationships are nurtured, friendships are enjoyed, and children are loved and encouraged. In addition to the locks and security lights that keep burglars at bay, a […]