U of Maryland Grad Alphonso David Named as HRC President

Washington, DC – On June 25th, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), announced that Alphonso David, an accomplished and nationally-recognized LGBTQ civil rights lawyer and advocate, will lead the organization beginning in August. David will be the first civil rights lawyer and the first person of color to serve as president of the HRC in the organization’s nearly 40-year history. David most recently made history as the first openly gay counsel to the governor of the state of New York and, before that, served as the first Deputy Secretary and Counsel for Civil Rights in New York. In these roles, he […]

We Must Reinvigorate AIDS Fight

For many years, I’ve viewed activist Larry Bryant, Jr., as one of the most highly regarded voices of conscience in the HIV/AIDS movement, and among black men in particular. At the recent Reunion Project event in Washington, DC – a day of education and community for long-term survivors – Larry laid bare his life with HIV and his observations from decades in the HIV arena. Larry does not mince words. He calls out other community figures when he sees fit. He names names. He exposes racism and transphobia, even among our ranks. His keynote speech taught me, shamed me, and maddened me. That’s […]

Win-Win? … Or win-lose?

We live in a culture – and indeed in a world – where the attitude is that if I win, you lose, or if you win, I am condemned to lose. And of course, losing has a negative connotation. How does that work in a relationship? Or even in any human interaction? Do you look to see who is right? Is it more important to you to be right at the expense of your connection to another person? I come upon many people who say that their partners never admit to being wrong, or never apologize, taking responsibility for their […]

Is Anxiety the Same as Depression ?

Dear Dr. Eva, What’s the difference between depression and anxiety? I was told at different times that I have both. Is it just two names for the same thing? BT   Dear BT, Depression and anxiety are two different conditions and involve two different sets of problems, but it isn’t unusual for a person to have both conditions. Both depression and anxiety are disorders of mood, called “affective disorders” in medical language. For most people who have both depression and anxiety, one of the two conditions is more severe, which leads to diagnoses like “depression with features of anxiety,”or “anxiety […]

EMG and Biofeedback

One of the hidden treasures of a pelvic physical therapist is the use of ElectroMyoGraphy (EMG) The first question to answer is: what is it? Electromyography (also known as EMG) is a way in which I can look at the electrical activity of your muscles. We have heard of an EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram), which reads the wave patterns of the brain and nerve conduction studies in which they look at the electrical activity of the nerves. This is similar in that we are looking at electrical activity but EMG is focusing on your muscles. So, what? Big deal! What does that […]

Sexual Benefits of Kegel Exercises

If you’ve heard of Kegel exercises, you might think that their positive effects are limited to women, particularly following childbirth. But Kegel exercises can improve anyone’s sexual function, improve bladder and bowel health, and even help with back pain! These benefits will be detailed at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop hosted by the LGBT Health Resource Center on Thursday, July 11th from noon to 1:30 pm. We asked Charles Dudley, a Baltimore-based personal trainer and the session’s presenter, to share a bit more about Kegel exercises and their positive benefits. How can Kegels affect sexual function? Kegels are exercises […]

From the Depths

In this edition of “Fit for Life,” Joshua H. Buchbinder turns over the podium to a woman who wishes to remain anonymous Most 16-year-old kids look forward to their driver’s license, first job, and becoming an upperclassman. I was faced with the destruction and agony of being a heavy drinker and drug user. Hopeless, defeated, and shattered I disappointed my family and teachers. My parents were divorced but co-existed amicably, and I had grown up in a faith-based, alcohol-free home. At 15, the few months of summer freedom exposed me to “typical teenager experimenting” – cigarettes, weed, alcohol, and sex. […]

On Your Terms

Dear Andre,  I’m a trans femme punk girl in her mid-twenties and I desperately need some advice. I came out as trans at home when I was 17 and my parents promptly kicked me out of the house. After being homeless for over a year I finally found work, a room to rent, and the beginnings of stability. Along the way I had the benefit of forming a close platonic relationship with an older trans woman who basically acted as my surrogate mom and definitely saved my life on more than one occasion. She’s an elder in the community and […]

(Love) Letter to Mayor Pete

Here’s a letter to Mayor Pete. This is kind of like the letter that outgoing presidents leave behind in the Oval Office for the incoming commander-in-chief. It’s advice from a guy who has a shared experience with you. I also grew up in northern Indiana and graduated high school as the All-American guy with good grades, scholarships, and a gregarious personality. I attended the local Catholic Church and was active in the youth group. I returned from college and was quickly elected to my hometown city council. My family and friends were so proud. I was on my way and […]

Timeless Teen

Imperial Teen delivers on the promise of the title of the band’s new studio album Now We Are Timeless (Merge), its first in seven years and its sixth overall. The aptly named second track, “We Do What We Do Best,” almost says it all when it comes to the ten tracks on the album. There are synthesizers, danceable beats, a variety of vocal harmonies, and a blend of humorous and serious messages. The current running through the irresistible opener “I Think That’s Everything” is au courant. “Walkaway” arrives on a sexy dance-pop strut, while “Parade” marches boldly forward, and “Somebody […]