LGBT Health Resource Center of

Chase Brexton Health Care

WITH 2019 ALMOST upon us, the staff of the LGBT Health Resource Center took a moment to share their New Year’s resolutions and hopes for our community.

Sam McClure, director – As I look into 2019, I want to see our patients in a safe and affirming environment for all their health care needs. I also hope to see our community taking positive pro-active steps towards health and wellness. When we have detractors and political factions working against us, elemental power comes from our commitments to taking good care of ourselves and each other.

Kate Bishop, education coordinator My people, I wanna see you be brave.

Stand up against the evil that is bent to destroy us. Outshout and outshine anyone who seeks to diminish our magnitude. Unify and face our true enemies rather than fighting one another over the leftovers of the table of privilege. Love on, fierce and bold and messy, step into your whole precious self with determination and joy.

Deb Dunn, physician assistant – I will continue my fight to work with lawmakers to get

laws that protect gender and sexual orientation human rights, especially with health care. I will also teach myself and others the importance of self-care: taking vacations, getting massages, aroma therapy, exercising, going to preventive care medical appointments, eating healthy, and seeing a psychologist/therapist for self-healing and coping mechanisms.   

Monte Ephraim, manager of behavioral htealth services and LGBT older adult programming – My local

wish would be 50-plus LGBTQ housing in Baltimore with an LGBTQ senior center below, Broadway karaoke, a pool table with purple felt, a pinball machine, reruns of the Golden Girls and Donna Summer looped in over the sound system, movie nights – including but not limited to Paris is Burning, Ma Vie en Rose, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and a dance floor without strobe lights and an intergeneration bridge of rainbows.

Daurice Gorham, administrative assistant – It is my hope that any patient who walks through the doors of Chase Brexton would leave here happier and healthier.  It is also my hope that Chase Brexton will become a one-stop shop and, as staff, we would be able to address any need they may have including hunger, shelter, transportation, mental concerns, and more.

Dr. Elyse Pine, trans youth lead physician – I am hoping that 2019 will be a year of love and acceptance in every way. I hope that insurance companies will accept my appeals arguments so that my patients can get what they need. I hope that parents will accept their children with unconditional love. And, I hope that all people will find increased self-acceptance and be able to find more peace, friendship, love and happiness in the coming year. For more about the LGBT Health Resource Center, visit