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PRIDE 2018-Official Baltimore Pride events and updates

Welcome one and all to 2018 Baltimore Pride Week! Let’s get ready to come together as “United we shine”! Included here are all the 2018 Baltimore Pride official events. There are three categories of events: • “Official Pride Events,” indicated as “Pride.” These are events that are created, managed, and...
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Surviving Life Itself

I am a 57-year-old gay man. I have survived things. In the decades since AIDS began murdering my friends, I have faced a host of perilous circumstances apart from my own HIV infection, including a car crash, drug addiction, serious medical procedures, and weapons pointed in my direction. Like everyone...
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Kick Off Summer with the New Music Festival

Kick off your summer with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) as they celebrate contemporary classical music during their New Music Festival. From June 20th to 23rd, Music Director Marin Alsop and the BSO will tour Baltimore venues and perform pieces by Thierry De Mey, Du Yun, Dan Visconti, Osvaldo Golijov,...
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Swipe Out

Living, as we do, in a post-Love, Simon (and post-Call Me By Your Name) world, gay movies with younger male lead characters may forever be judged differently. That can be both good and bad. In the case of writer/director Mike Roma’s Dating My Mother (Gravitas Ventures), it falls squarely in...
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Introducing the Rodeo’s Grand Marshal: Jennifer Vrana

When the second annual Keystone State Charity Rodeo takes place later this month (June 22nd to 24th) Grand Marshal Jennifer Vrana will ride into the arena. Flanked by fellow rodeo riders Cindy Brendle (heralding the Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association flag), Mark Zwiers (heralding the Liberty Gay Rodeo flag), and...
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What is the Best Interests of the Child Standard? How judges decide the fates of the young

After families separate, parents must decide where the children will primarily live. Some families can settle this among themselves while others require court intervention. Often parents assume the court will award custody to the mother however, that’s not necessarily the case. Put simply, the Best Interests of the Child standard...
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Better Safe (and Dry) Than Sorry

I remember being in the checkout line at Whole Foods a June or three ago and hearing the customer ahead of me talking to the cashier about her upcoming wedding. My ears perked up. I asked, as I do, “Where are you getting married?” “Federal Hill,” she responded. Now as...
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Home buying for LGBTQ Couples & Individuals

Buying a new home is an exciting and life changing adventure. For someone that has never bought a home, the question is, “Where do I begin?” Most people simply take to Google and begin looking at the pictures of homes they like. But how do you get from seeing a...
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