Woody Derricks, CFP® March 27, 2020 0 comments

Updates for your Finances due to the Coronavirus

The first day of spring has been the last thing on the minds of many as the country and world brace for the coronavirus. In an effort to provide a financial backstop for individuals and the economy, state and federal governments have been implementing new policies and changes to existing...
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Charles Dudley March 27, 2020 0 comments

Incontinence Pill or Surgery

There are many people who suffer from some level of incontinence and there are quite several options available. One of the most readily available options is pads, briefs and diapers which can be purchased in the stores or discretely online, but this option is not for everyone and it does...
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Aaron Cahall March 27, 2020 0 comments

HIV and the Coronavirus – How to Protect Yourself

The new coronavirus has radically changed daily life for everyone, but for individuals living with HIV, the virus brings with it unique questions and fears. We asked Dr. Sebastian Ruhs, Interim Chief Medical Officer and Director of Infectious Diseases for Chase Brexton Health Care, to address these questions. Who faces...
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Asher Kennedy March 27, 2020 0 comments

Rise of the Digital Queerspace

The world feels weird, and I like everyone, am struggling to make sense of it. A week ago, more people clambered about whether our now reality was a pandemic or a panic, and when this prints in a week, who knows what normal will be. Being queer is a bag...
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Bill Redmond-Palmer March 27, 2020 0 comments

Same Sex Marriage Question Included in 2020 Census

By Bill Redmond-Palmer This year the twenty-fourth census is currently underway, and it’s important that everyone participates, to ensure that Maryland receives all the funding and representation it deserves. The United States Constitution requires that a census of the entire population, citizens and noncitizens alike in all the states and...
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Gregg Shapiro March 27, 2020 0 comments

What does Chicago sound like?

During the great COVID-19 shutdown of 2020 we have plenty of time to ponder all sorts of things. Such as what does Chicago sound like? In the early days, Chicago sounded like the blues and jazz. By the 1960s, Chicago’s rock scene included bands such as The Buckinghams, The Cryan’...
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Frankie Kujawa March 27, 2020 0 comments

Call To Action: Charm City Fringe Needs Your Help!

The 9th Annual Charm City Fringe, Baltimore’s premier independent theatre and performing arts festival, is slated to take place this coming October 2020. Due to the overwhelming burden facing performing artists who livelihoods are at stake during this global health crisis, Charm City Fringe decided to waive its production fee...
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David Egan March 27, 2020 0 comments

Moving the Milestone

I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone this past week. As the coronavirus has spread in the United States, so has the need to respond to it. Here in Maryland, the government has responded with ever more tightening restrictions in order to contain the virus. What that means...
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