Sophie Marie White May 22, 2020 0 comments

Coming Out 100 Times

This past year I came out to my father over 100 times. My father is 92 and dementia has started setting in. Actually, he worked until he was 90 and physically, he is fine. But his short-term memory is really bad. I remember the first time I told him I...
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Karen Kendra Holmes May 22, 2020 0 comments

Love Before and After Transition

Taking you back prior to my transition in 2010, my love life was average. I did good at dating when I was not in a relationship. I was married twice before and engaged to be married again for the third time. My first marriage only lasted six months, because she...
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Charles Dudley May 22, 2020 0 comments

What is a discectomy?!?”

It doesn’t happen overnight. You have exhausted your Google searches and You Tube videos and now the over the counter have stopped working. The pain gradually gets worse until you can’t ignore it anymore. You need to do something about the pain in your back that is now radiating down...
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Dr. Eva Hersh, MD May 22, 2020 0 comments

COVID mailbag: Super spreaders and asymptomatic shedders

Dear Dr. Eva, What is a super spreader and how many are there? Is there a way to recognize them? Super scared Dr. Eva, Thank you for the clarification regarding social distancing. Do we have actually have a list of what are the effects of the virus in our bodies?...
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Asher Kennedy May 22, 2020 0 comments

Don’t Freedom Tread On Me

Two weeks ago, the county I live in still had a ban on most stays with the exception of providing safe shelter for essential worker wishing to minimize the risk of exposure to their loved ones. There were days without a single arrival, and while I enjoyed extra time at...
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Frankie Kujawa May 22, 2020 0 comments

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Unites Community Through Sound

In these trying times, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has used music as the universal language to unite our community. Baltimore OUTloud recently spoke with Tonya McBridge Robles, the Vice President and General Manager of the BSO, regarding engaging content that has reached the masses through both online mediums and...
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Gregg Shapiro May 22, 2020 0 comments

Your 2020 quarantine reading list

True stories In 1988, shortly before his death, disco legend Sylvester did an interview in which he talked about working with legendary record producer Tommy LiPuma. That record never came to be, but LiPuma did work with countless other music icons including  Barbra Streisand, Randy Newman, Patti Austin, Jennifer Holliday,...
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Frankie Kujawa May 22, 2020 0 comments

Baltimore Center Stage’s Innovative Online Resources For Public During Pandemic

The arts community in Baltimore is showing just how resilient and resourceful it can be during a time of crisis. While the onset of COVID-19 caused many theaters to physically close their doors in Baltimore, many have sprung to online platforms to continue to entertain audiences. One theater, Baltimore Center...
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Dear Loyal Readers of Baltimore Outloud:

Due to the unprecedented disruptions caused by the coronavirus, we are temporarily suspending the print edition of Baltimore Outloud. The focus of all of us needs to be on flattening the curve of infections to protect us and prevent medical facilities from being overwhelmed. We will update this website in order to keep you informed and hope to be printing again soon.

Unlike the Federal Administration in Washington, Governor Hogan has shown true leadership as he strives to protect Marylanders from the ravages of an unchecked virus spreading throughout the state. We are grateful for the steps that he has taken and urge all of you to do whatever you can to protect yourself and prevent the spread of this disease.

Coronavirus is a threat to everyone. The numbers in the state and nationally keep rising exponentially, as is the death toll. Infants and people in their 80s have been infected and a baby has died in Maryland. Fortunately, most people will not get seriously ill, but some will, especially those over 60 or with underlying health conditions. In Italy, the country with the largest number of fatalities, a report in the Baltimore Sun said that 87% of those who died were over the age of 70. We urge all of you to take that into account. When you protect yourself, you are protecting your neighbors, you are protecting your community, you are protecting the State!

The need for social distancing cannot be understated. China has announced that it has confirmed through test 1,500 people that tested positive for COVID 19 without exhibiting ANY symptoms. States and countries that implemented mandatory stay-at-home orders quickly are seeing a lower trajectory of infections than places that waited; compare the States of Washington and California with New York. It is irresponsible for leaders to delay making the call and irresponsible for individuals to fail to take the steps necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

This pandemic is causing hardship for all of us, some far more than others. With businesses closed and jobs lost, the fear created by the virus is exacerbated by the economic uncertainty that it is causing. Many of our advertisers are temporarily shuttered. They have stuck with us for years and we wish to stick by them. We urge you to enthusiastically support them as soon as they reopen for business, which hopefully will not be in the too distant future.

Thanks again for your loyal support. The staff and writers of Baltimore Outloud hope that you stay safe and healthy. We look forward to printing the paper again and distributing it in the places where you have come accustomed to find it.

Jim Becker,

Publisher and Executive Editor