Gary Schwartz February 14, 2020 0 comments

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. Some cynics will avow this holiday is nothing more than another corporate means of cashing in on something called love, which should be celebrated every day with that special person in my opinion. However, it’s always nice to get chocolate, especially since dark chocolate is supposed to...
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Belcara Health February 14, 2020 0 comments

Are There Any Hair Restoration Techniques that Work?”

A discussion with Dr. Nadia Mostovych of Belcara Health Yes! I’m so glad you asked this important question! There is no longer any reason to suffer the embarrassment of thinning hair. The advances in hair restoration technology available today can allow you to enjoy thick, full hair that looks natural,...
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Karen Kendra Holmes February 14, 2020 0 comments

Staying Safe as a Woman

Understanding what I needed to learn and staying safe as a woman since I transitioned full-time back on October 1st, 2010 has been quite a journey. I knew my life would change for the best, but I had no idea it would be to the level it is today. Being...
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Charles Dudley February 14, 2020 0 comments

My Aching Back, What is Discogenic: Pain?

Before you ask, no, discogenic pain isn’t caused by too much time in the night club getting your groove on! I have mostly survived being 50 as I quickly head toward 51 in a couple months. In an effort to take better care of myself, lose weight, and get diabetes...
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Chuck Duncan February 14, 2020 0 comments

Birds of Prey Packs a Punch

After DC Comics’ overly dark movie adaptations of its main comic book characters, hopes were high when Suicide Squad was announced because it was sure to be over-the-top fun. Unfortunately the film was a mess, with sloppy editing and even a bit … boring. Jared Leto’s interpretation of The Joker...
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Gregg Shapiro February 14, 2020 0 comments

Forever Young

If you’ve been dancing in a club any time in the last 20 or so years, chances are very good that you’ve hit the crowded dancefloor to a remix by Grammy Award-winning lesbian DJ and producer Tracy Young. The Mid-Atlantic native and Miami resident has left her distinctive mark on...
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Wayne Curtis February 14, 2020 0 comments

When Lovebirds Nest

With Valentine’s Day drawing near, and the spring real estate market just around the corner, it’s the time of year when Lovebirds think about nesting. Buying a home together should be an easy process, as long as you enter into it with some idea of what will happen and the...
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David Egan February 14, 2020 0 comments

Nine Great Money-Saving Wedding Tips

There are lots of ways to save money on your wedding. Some are great, others court disaster. These nine tips can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars while still giving you and your guests a fantastic experience. The guest list: Invite only the people you love – One...
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