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Documenting the history of AIDS and its impact on gay sex

London – Tom Crewe writes in the London Book Review that “AIDS starts with the deaths. With the dying. At first there was only confusion, incomprehension. Bodies that quickly became unintelligible to themselves. Night sweats, shingles, thrush, diarrhea, sores that crowded into mouths and made it impossible to eat. A...
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Furor Over Int’l AIDS Confab Set for US

 It is every bit as absurd as it sounds. The International AIDS Society (IAS) plans to hold their global AIDS 2020 conference in San Francisco – an insanely expensive and privileged city located in a country that has become dangerously inhospitable to the very populations the IAS claims to serve. Thank goodness for a...
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Finding Her Calling A profile of Karen Bellesky – Chase Brexton’s longest-serving employee

It took a little while before Karen Bellesky’s new job became her calling – all of two months. Hired in April 1992 as Chase Brexton Health Care’s first registered dietician, Karen wasn’t familiar with the clinic and believed she was taking just another job. Instead, she was deeply moved by...
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Update From City Hall

Long-time community leader Jabari Lyles discusses his new role as the LGBTQ Affairs Liaison in the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office. Jabari Lyles Earlier this year, I moved on from my role as board president of Baltimore’s LGBTQ community center, GLCCB. After three eventful years of serving as president, acting executive...
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Stopping Medicines Safely

Dear Dr. Eva, Is it really dangerous to stop medications without tapering off? People (me included) often seem to do it with no problems. Skeptical Dear Skeptical, It is true that many prescription medications can be stopped suddenly without problems. However, there are some kinds of medications that are dangerous...
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Living with Anxiety

You know that feeling of butterflies in the stomach, being out of sorts, shaky, not able to focus on what you have to do but your mind worrying, worrying about all kinds of things? Sometimes it can immobilize you, because of fear about what might happen. At times, it could...
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BSO: ‘I Love a Piano’: A Night with Tony DeSare

For award-winning composer, Tony DeSare, partnering with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) for his upcoming concert “I Love a Piano” is a walk down memory lane. “The show is made up of the songs, artists, and styles that I loved when I was ten years old and just beginning to...
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To Theme or Not to Theme?

Renaissance, anime, costume, Halloween, goth, Gatsby, period, geek, and a full-on Harry Potter wedding, with Dumbledore acting as the officiant! All have happened – or in the case of the Harry Potter wedding, are about to happen –  at Chase Court, the wedding venue I own and run. Theme weddings...
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