Friday, March 31, 2017

Queer Queens of ‘Qomedy’ Take Baltimore by Storm

Written by  Frankie Kujawa
Poppy Champlin, Crist Guzman, and Gina Yashere are Queens for the day! Poppy Champlin, Crist Guzman, and Gina Yashere are Queens for the day!

The fabulously hilarious comedian, Poppy Champlin, brings her Queer Queens of Qomedy show to Baltimore’s Magooby’s this April. Champlin, along with fellow Qomedy Queens Gina Yashere and Crist Guzman, plan to deliver a diverse show which will have audiences doubled-over, laughing in their seats.

“Audiences can expect a very professional, very high-class, all-lesbian comedy show,” Champlin explained. “They headliner of this performance is really Gina [Yashere]. She is just smoking it! She recently returned from performing in Singapore and Vietnam and became such a huge star overseas.” Yashere, who broke into the American comedy scene with appearances on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” is an enigmatic comedian in her own right. “She was born in England with Nigerian parents.” Champlin continued. “It’s just such a diverse group of performers for this show.”

Champlin also praised Texas-native Crist Guzman, who rounds out the hilarious trio with her exuberant talent. “She is doing great things in Texas and is a really funny, youthful, married lesbian. She has a whole set of jokes about marriage in the LGBT community.” The ever-humble Champlin added that she tends to think of herself as the ring leader of the performance. “I am pretty high-energy. I just keep the ball rolling. It’s a classy show that’s high-energy and delivers comedy. In my opinion, it will be one of the best shows you’ll see all year.”

The Queer Queens of Qomedy formed out of Champlin’s desire to bring diverse comedians together. “I am the creator and producer of [the show],” Champlin explained. “Some other lesbian comics can go in and sell out a show. These are comics like Wanda Sykes or Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, I’d love to be like one of those headliners who can sell out a giant theater, but that doesn’t happen right away. So, I usually bring three comics together for a performance. It becomes such a more diverse show.” Champlin laughed. “It’s like little lesbian festival.”

Now in its 12th year, the Queer Queens of Qomedy also reaches out to local organizations to give back to the communities in which they are performing. “I try to get everyone involved, like Baltimore’s Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB).” Champlin added that the GLCCB is on board as a sponsor and will receive a portion of the proceeds. “It’s the community coming together for this type of event. I like bringing different people together.”

Champlin, who has been doing comedy for the last 30 years, has travelled extensively with her comedic wit. “I lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and Chicago for eight years before that. I closed the Gay Games in Chicago in front of 5,000 people in Wrigley Field. I’ve performed in television for Showtime, Logo, HBO, and Comedy Central.” The Rhode Island native has since returned to her roots. “I’m back, now, in Rhode Island.” Champlin added. “But I’m very excited to return to Baltimore. I was in town last year and we had a great show. We almost sold out! And Magooby’s is a great venue because it has that theater seating.” Champlin added that the show is open to all who love to laugh. “I highly encourage the gay men to come out and be part of this comedy community, as well. You’re going to find you won’t regret it!”


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