Violet's Vet

Violet's Vet

by Dr. Tony Calo

Friday, May 26, 2017

Violet Sees a Snake

Connor loves yard work and gardening. He spends most of his free time digging, planting, trimming, watering, fertilizing. He has built beautiful stone walls in several locations throughout our property. He has supplied the yard with trees, bird houses, and native plants to encourage birds and butterflies to visit us. He has made the yard as inviting as possible to the wild creatures that live in our neighborhood.

LOOK AT MY HANDSOME PICTURE and you will see why my name is Tank! I’m a big energetic puppy who is searching for my forever home. My day consists of running and playing because young lads like me need to be active. I enjoy meeting new people and sometimes I will roll over right away to get belly rubs and attention. I’m a strong boy with a big heart who may even give you kisses if you let me. My favorite things are neck and belly rubs and feeling loved and wanted. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then I really hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Claws or De-claws?

That is the question...

With our new kitten Liza in the house, Violet has had to make some adjustments. The relationship between Violet and Liza is quite interesting. At times, there is the beginning stages of playing and enjoyment, but largely it is still adversarial. They stare each other down waiting to see who will back down first. Happily, this has not turned into anything more than a game of chicken. Fingers crossed, there’s been no actual physical fighting. Violet is strong of mind and of will, avoiding physical confrontation with Liza is well played on her part for a very important reason: Liza has something that Violet does not … claws. The claws are retractable but can easily come out given the right situation. They can also cause considerable damage to another animal’s skin, ears, eyes. Claws are a powerful weapon.

Hey there! I heard you’re looking for a sweet, handsome, fun, playful pup to add to your life. Well, lucky you. Here I am! My name is Bubs. I am a big guy with a big heart. I love to go for long walks and get lots of attention. Kisses, cuddles, pets, you name it – I’m in! I’m also super smart, I know the commands sit, paw, and lay down. I do this super cute thing where I like to put my paws on your shoulders to give you a hug and a big smooch, too. In my previous home, I lived with kids and a small dog. Come out to the Baltimore Humane Society and visit me. I promise you will fall instantly in love

Friday, April 28, 2017

Feel the Tortitude

Violet has noticed that Liza (our new cat) has become quite a presence in our house. Liza follows the dogs around as though she’s part of the canine pack rather than a feline member of the family. She’s captivating to Connor and I. She is very much a bright light to us. Liza is also very young, very playful, very animated, and very cute. She brings joy to our house and to our family.


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