Friday, April 14, 2017

Introducing Ms. Liza with a Z

Written by  Dr. Tony Calo

Harriet is very missed in our house. I still find myself looking for her in her usual spots in our bedroom or on her favorite window sill. Her passing has left an unfillable void in our lives. But that does not mean that Connor and I can’t make more space in our hearts and our home for more love.

With that sentiment, I’d like to introduce everyone to “Liza with a Z” or, as we call her for short, Liza.

Two weekends ago, Connor stopped by my office on a weekend to pick up dog food that we had shipped there. I went into the back-kennel area to get the box, and in one of the cages was a kitten. She was dark tortoiseshell in color with bright gold eyes and a long sleek tail. She was adorable. She was also trying very hard to get my attention.

On some levels, I’m immune to the cuteness because stray kittens come and go out of a veterinary practice often. She was cute enough that I did a double-take though. I read the sheet on her cage. She had been found in an alley in Baltimore and was surrendered as a stray. I watched her for a bit and even petted her through the bars of the cage. Then I went about my business.

Connor, it turns out, is not so immune. I walked back to where Connor was waiting for me. I said, off-handedly, “You should go to the back and see what’s there.” Off he went to see what was there. I started getting the dog food out to the car. Once done, I was talking to some co-workers and sort of lost track of time. I soon realized that Connor was not back from the kennel area. I headed back there to see what was taking so long. I walked in and there I found Connor with the kitten snuggled up nicely in his jacket while he cradled her. They were bonded in a matter of minutes. I looked at him. I looked at her. I knew at that moment, we had just adopted another cat.

For those of you who don’t know, our new cat’s namesake is Liza Minnelli, and very specifically, her name pays homage to Ms. Minnelli’s famous TV concert from 1972. Our Liza shares many attributes of the other more famous Liza. They are both colorful, fabulous, and have great singing voices. Our little Liza loves to belt a meow to get attention and alert everyone in the room of her presence. She is extremely affectionate for a cat with such a difficult start in life. She also demands attention. She is a handful but a handful worth having. She is into everything. She runs full speed around the house and up and down the stairs. She jumps up on everything. She plays with everything. She’s a kitten with boundless interest and energy.

She moved right in and became comfortable with her new living situation almost immediately. There was only one scratch and it was supplied to Daisy’s nose. Luckily, it was not a significant wound. They have worked out the details and Liza even now uses Daisy’s tail as her own personal toy. It’s hilarious to watch Daisy wag her tail with Liza chasing after it back and forth, back and forth, like a never-ending metronome. Violet and Liza are buddies on the bed. The sleep together for comfort and warmth. Henry is not so sure about her yet, but there have been no problems between the two of them. Finally, Emilio, our old man cat just ignores her. Liza tries desperately to get him to play. Instead Emilio quietly walks away, politely letting Liza know that, at fully 19 years, he’s put the ways of kittens finally behind him. He would rather sleep or eat or lay in the sun than run and jump.

Even after two weeks, if we are home, Liza is with us. She follows us around as though she wants to make sure that she doesn’t have to live alone in a Baltimore alley ever again. When she’s not playing, she loves being carried around and cuddling up in our arms. She sleeps in the bed with us already and she purrs constantly. She seems very happy with her new situation but maybe not as happy as we are.

Please stay tuned for more tales (and tails) about Violet, Daisy, Henry, Emilio, and Liza. If you have a story to share or a question to ask, please contact us at Violet’s Vet!

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