Monday, September 19, 2016

Designing & Builiding a Website

Written by  David Sugar

Are you looking at your website and saying, “It’s so outdated – I need an update”? Well look no further. Depending on what you’re looking for there are a number of different options ranging from online website builders to full customization. This article covers those two approaches.

If you have a website, you probably know about sites such as These sites allow you to build your own website without programming. They guide you through everything from the site layout to adding content. Though you are limited to a certain set of designs, this is probably the most economical way and quickest way to get your site up and running. If you want a little more flexibility in building a site but you aren’t ready to hire a web developer just yet then consider The advantage of Wordpress is it allows for a little more customization of the theme. There are also many different plugins available for Wordpress allowing your site to be an e-commerce site or a membership site. If getting a website up quickly without any programming knowledge necessary then these options are best.

If you want special features, the other option is to hire a web developer. Though much more expensive – since you are paying for someone’s time – you can get everything want, from custom design to special features. Depending on the needs of your company this may be the best way to go. Though it most likely will take longer to launch, your site will stand out.

In my next column, I’ll discuss some web technologies to become familiar with if you would like to start coding websites yourself.

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