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A new school year often means new challenges for gender-expansive youth, especially those who are about to start at a new school, or who are expressing their gender differently than when classes ended the year before. Students often question where they can turn for help at their school, and what outside resources are available.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Penis Health

As a practicing urologist, as well as the author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: How to Stay Vital at Any Age (second edition), my professional activities have centered around the diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers. I’ve been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, and during my 30-year practice, it has been my clinical observation that the basic psychological, physiological, emotional, and physical aspects of sexuality are blind to gender identity and sexual orientation. Although my book mainly addresses male sexuality and the penis, my hope is that it will help all readers “with a penis in their lives.”

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mind Split

As I start to write, my mind goes back and forth between the unsettling atmosphere of right now and the comfort that presence of a partner and family brings. We are all dealing with the fallout from the travel ban, the transgender ban, climate denials, white supremacist meetings, and need I say more? It is the undoing of progress in all these areas that create yes, anxiety and depressive thoughts in most of us. Add to that the global reputation of the US, and it is hard not to want to dig a hole and crawl in it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Safe Eclipse Viewing

By now, just about everyone in the US knows that a total eclipse of the sun will be visible over 14 states in the early afternoon of Monday, August 21st. Unfortunately, too few people know how to observe the eclipse safely or understand how important it is to protect their vision. And to make matters worse, the market has been flooded with dangerous fake “eclipse glasses.”

Managing your prescriptions is a crucial but often overlooked part of living your healthiest life. Sometimes, there are obstacles simply in obtaining important medications, and individuals on multiple medications can struggle to track which medications are required at which times. Once a medication isn’t needed anymore, it’s not always easy to find out how to properly dispose of it.


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