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Friday, October 13, 2017

Are Weight-Loss Mints for Real?

Beware diet hucksterism!

Dear Dr. Eva,

I get emails all the time for “amazing” weight loss cures. Somehow the Internet knows I’m overweight. I have tried some of these “cures” with no real success. I wanted to see if you would check this ad out as a doctor and let OUTloud readers know the truth, if it works or if it is BS like I think?

Size 3x

Friday, October 13, 2017

Elevating Debate in a Relationship

Whatever context you might imagine, it is hard to get away from the horrific after-effects of the Las Vegas massacre. This was not a crime of passion, or a bar brawl, or road rage. It was 100% premeditated, planned-in-cold-blood killing of human beings who were enjoying a musical performance. If you have read Scott Peck’s People of the Lie you may remember that the subtitle is: “The hope for healing human evil.” Although for this shooter the issue is moot, I cannot imagine just where you might even begin to address the evil pathology that must have existed there.

Despite the progress made nationwide in recent years, LGBTQ youth face harassment and bullying at rates far in excess of others their age. Those incidents can lead to feelings of physical insecurity, hopelessness, and even self-harm. To provide a public show of support for these youth and their allies, October 19th has been designated as Spirit Day, a chance for all Americans to “Go Purple” and let younger LGBTQ individuals know they are not alone. We asked Kate Bishop, Education Coordinator at The LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care, to tell us a little more about Spirit Day.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Surgery and Sexuality

Nerves grow back, but slowly

I am a 70-year-old woman. Obviously I’ve been in menopause for a long time. Because of an enlarging tumor in my uterus, I will soon be having a hysterectomy. When I asked the surgeon how the hysterectomy will affect my ability to have orgasms, he looked so embarrassed he almost blushed. I suppose it didn’t help that he looked younger than my own children. He seemed to think that old people have no sexuality. I didn’t get an answer to my question. Some of my friends who have had a hysterectomy say that they felt it decreased or changed their ability to orgasm. Others say it didn’t make any difference. My question is, does the uterus have a role in female orgasm, and what is the effect of hysterectomy for most women? Does it help if the surgeon does not remove the cervix?


Each year, September 18th is honored as National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day, a time to recognize the struggles and triumphs of HIV-positive elders, and highlight the challenges they still face. The LGBT Health Resource Center has created a place for these individuals to share their stories and draw strength from each other with its new LGBTQ 50-plus HIV Group. We asked the group’s coordinator, Monte Ephraim, LCSW-C, to share more about this important day.


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