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Friday, November 27, 2015

Anglo-Catholic in Baltimore

‘All Are Welcomed to Worship With Us’

The Church of the Advent is a welcoming and inclusive Episcopal Church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, serving Federal Hill, South Baltimore, and beyond. We are an oasis of prayer in the heart of the city, and worship is central to our life and mission. Everyone is welcome to join us as we strive to grow to maturity as Christ’s body in the world.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Judaism on the Story of Sodom

Reverend Rob Apgar-Taylor is quite correct when he wrote that the punishment visited on the biblical city of Sodom had nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with the city’s harsh treatment of the poor, the hungry, and the stranger in its midst.

Jewish commentators have made this point for centuries. Nachmanides, one of the greatest biblical scholars of the Medieval period, held that the unmatched cruelty of Sodomites toward the poor sealed that city’s fate. Even earlier sages imagined that Sodom’s cruelty was such that its people burned anyone giving bread to the needy and stripped any poor person of his clothing. Its judiciary was so corrupt that judges would reportedly fine the victim of an assault rather than the perpetrator.

In 2013, members of the LGBT Ministry of St. Matthews Catholic Church in northeast Baltimore were inspired to march in the upcoming Baltimore Pride Parade, but wanted to create a bigger impact. They met with their neighbors at Faith Presbyterian Church, who had been marching for several years with other Presbyterian churches. They began speaking to people they knew in other faith communities, and the group began to grow.

On Sunday, June 28, at the10 a.m. service, members of Grace United Methodist Church will recognize the Rev. Nancy J. Webb as she retires after ten years of service at Grace. For seven years she served as the associate pastor and the past three years as minister of visitation. During her time at Grace, she facilitated the congregational two-year LGBTQ study that moved the congregation to become a Reconciling Congregation, which welcomes the LGBTQ community to full participation in the church and society. She also worked for Marriage Equality in the state of Maryland. She has been a frequent contributor to Baltimore OUTloud.

I’m Christian and I am gay. Now what? In 2012, at a time when people across the country were celebrating that barriers were slowly falling for LGBT folks, Maryland legislators introduced the same-sex marriage bill that would eventually result in the jubilation and marriage of same-sex partners across the state.


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