Thursday, October 26, 2017

Grand Central Up for Sale

Written by  Bill Redmond-Palmer

After 22 years in the heart of the Baltimore gayborhood, Don Davis is putting Grand Central up for sale. “Making the decision to sell the Grand Central property and business has been very difficult for me,” said Davis, the iconic bar’s longtime owner. “I’ve always been there thanking everyone and was always extremely grateful for a great staff with longevity, all the wonderful customers, and friends who supported the club, and would always be at the club thanking everyone for their support and to see if I could do things to make the customers happy.”

“It saddens me to think of no more Grand Central,” said Ernest ‘Skip’ Peacock, aka Tia Chambers, a longtime fixture. “Don Davis is a hell of a man who at times spoke too loudly about certain issues, but I must say that I cannot walk into that bar without seeing Don on the poker machine with a Camel Lite in one hand and a strong green chartreuse in the other, looking up at the sky and wishing Mount Vernon a hello.”

“I stepped away in 2007 after being burned-out and tired,” said Davis. “Anyone in this business will tell you, you cannot live out-of-town and think someone is going to care for the club the way I always have. I’ve always put money into the business and still do. I’ve always been proud of what I provided to the community and have always given back.

“It breaks my heart to make the decision that I had to make. It wasn’t easy. But with me at 62 years old with some health problems, it’s time to pass the torch with hopes that whoever buys the place will not destroy a viable business, will be an owner who will care for the club the way I have, an owner who will be there and train the staff and thank everyone, and an owner who will be innovative to grow business and not just sit on a barstool.”

Davis plans to spend more time with his partner with whom he’s been friends for 31 years, and with whom he has been partnered for 17.


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