Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hysteria Erupts Over Maryland’s Newest Brewing Company

Written by  Frankie Kujawa
Hysteria Brewing Company Hysteria Brewing Company

About the curious name heralding tasty brews

By its definition, the word hysteria evokes images of madcap behaviors. That style of unhinged passion and raw temperament is exactly the type of energy that goes into the creation of beer at the newly opened Hysteria Brewing Company. Celebrating its grand opening on July 1st, Hysteria stands out as a new crown jewel in Maryland’s expanding beer-brewing market.

Owner Richard Gue nurtured the idea of creating a brewery long before Hysteria opened its doors. “All of us have home-brew backgrounds, but Rich started this idea,” explained Zachary Michel, assistant brewer and marketing manager. “He had this seed from home-brewing. Once Rich had the means to do it, along with his partners, he created Hysteria.” The name grew out of the format of throwing wild ideas around which culminated in the creation of different kinds of beers. “We’re mad about beers,” Michel laughed. “And we have this crazy, mad science approach to home brewing.” Michel described that the company has a dedicated pursuit to make wild and fun beers, aiming to be different from their competitors. “It’s a little bit of steam punk and a little Victorian.”

“We’re really excited to be putting together a barrel program, and want to develop a range of styles, featuring both clean and sour beers aged in a variety of barrels, from wine to gin to bourbon and rye,” says Michel. “There’s a ton of fun to be had, and our head brewer, Jordan McGraw, got his first taste of barrel aging at DuClaw, where he also helped start their sour program.”

Beer-making and brewing is not uncommon in the Maryland marketplace, but recently the state has emerged as the market to watch on the national stage. “Maryland has a ton of great beer, and I think it’s going to be one of the more exciting scenes to watch,” Michel added. “We want to be on the forefront making some styles of beer we’d love to see more of in the state. We want to treat the brewery like a playground.”

Michel added, “I think you’re going to see a tap room that’s really unique from other experiences. We’re drawing from the true English Pub-style, the German beer halls, and your local cafe. We’re bringing in local musicians. We have a library that we’re building out with a pretty sizable collection of books. It’s a place for community gatherings, not just a place to buy beer.”

Head brewer, Jordan McGraw, added, “We’ve got eight experimental taps to play around with, and we’re going to have the freshest, newest, beers we can make. Because we’ve got this 1.5 barrel pilot system, we’re not bound to doing anything any one way. We’ve got complete creative freedom.”

For more info, including Hysteria’s “Christmas in July” celebration, visit or look on Facebook.


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