Friday, March 03, 2017

Into the Woods

Written by  Rodney Burger
Ms. Woods Leather 2017 Alyssa Durnien and Mr. Woods Leather 2017 Todd Apple Ms. Woods Leather 2017 Alyssa Durnien and Mr. Woods Leather 2017 Todd Apple

On Saturday, February 18th Mr. Woods Leather 2017 Todd Apple and Ms. Woods Leather 2017 Alyssa Durnien hosted “Ladies of Leather,” a drag show and silent auction at “The Nest” at the Baltimore Eagle to benefit the Lehigh Valley Renaissance Transgender Association and the Leather Heart Foundation. Afterwards COMMAND MC hosted the first of what will be monthly bar nights (on the third Saturday of each month) in the Baltimore Eagle’s “Code Bar.” It was a really fun night.

You may have noticed that although the Baltimore Eagle has been open since January 20th, I haven’t written anything about it. Not that the bar has lacked publicity. There have been countless articles in this publication, the Washington Blade, Metro Weekly, and others. Only a few of my close friends know that not only did I apply to work there last summer, I was hired to work there. (How could they not? I know too many people and have had a long relationship with the Baltimore Eagle. I even produced the last two Mr. & Ms. Baltimore Eagle Contest. Plus I know where all the bodies are buried.) After several false starts and revised work schedules, we were told to make no plans for New Year’s Eve because we would be working at the bar, I started work there on January 21st in the coat check. Although the requirement that we log customers’ names into the computer system was cumbersome, I had a good night.

The last few months have not been easy for me on a personal level. After taking care of Sir Steve’s 98-year-old dad for over three years, we finally put him in “Shady Pines” in October. Sir Steve doesn’t do winter and left for Florida right after the annual “12 Days of Christmas Show” and will be there until April. I stayed in town to work at the bar. It turned out to be a short career. After working on January 21st I suddenly had to go up to Hagerstown on the 22nd to take care of my mother, who has been having health issues since September. Faced with the dilemma of having to be two places at once, I resigned from the Baltimore Eagle. To add to my disappointment of having to resign, I have been receiving text messages every day asking me questions about the bar. (As I write this I just received a text asking if the ShipMates trophy case is still there.) I’ve been asked about hours of operation, parking, does the bar have a door, can I get a penis there or should I bring my own? You name it.

February 18th was my first time back at the Baltimore Eagle and I felt like Norma Desmond returning to Paramount Studios. I was warmly greeted by everyone and I must say that Mr. and Ms. Woods 2017 put on a fantastic event. Their show included many performers from the Woods’ family: Miss Woods 2017 Maxine Chambers, Miss Woods 2015 Eva Destruction, Miss Woods 2014 Dusty Relics, Miss Woods 2013 Lizzie Beaumont (who sang live but unfortunately had the sound system last used by Mariah Carey), Ms. Woods Leather 2013 Elvis Kim, Mr. Woods Leather 2012 / Miss Woods 2016 Suzi Shadding-Reach, Miss Woods 2011 Pola Frost. Also performing were Heidi Ho, Porshe De Mt Kee, Gloria Hole, Farrah Mones, and Klamidia Burns, whose version of “Whatever Lola Wants” complete with two leather boys brought down the house. Admission even included a buffet complete with a fajita bar. I’m glad I could be there. This was the night that the great folks from The Woods came to Baltimore.

It is now almost time for Baltimore to go to The Woods. Located on over 100 acres in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, The Woods Campground is a LGBT, clothing-optional venue and is approximately two hours 45 minutes from Baltimore. Opening weekend is May 5th to 7th. Although some folks bring their tents, campers, or trailers, one need not miss out if you do not own camping equipment. There are cabins and trailers that you can rent. There is even a cafe where you can buy food. Each year The Woods Campground host a number of themed weekends, including three leather weekends. June 2th – June 4 is Leather / Fetish Weekend I and will include The Woods motorcycle run. July 21st – July 23rd is Leather Weekend II and will also include country line dancing. The Mr. and Ms. Woods Leather 2018 Contest will be part of Leather Weekend III on September 15th to 17th and there will also be a disco dance party, the men from Mid-Atlantic DNA, and usually a gathering of Mid-Atlantic Leather Women United. These leather weekends keep getting more and more popular each year. All the details can be found and reservations can be made at

Lots of events are coming up in the next few months at the Baltimore Eagle and The Woods Campground. Check their websites and Facebook pages. Spring is almost here and it is time to venture back into the woods.


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