Mid-Atlantic Mondays

Mid-Atlantic Mondays

by Alex ‘Bear’ Conley

Jessica Fidget a Jersey girl who now lives in rural Pennsylvania. She is a fierce advocate, a whirlwind, and a promoter of sexy, raunchy, unforgettably good times. Amongst other things, she helped to create the Sexuality Space at Sisterspace (a women’s-only weekend in Maryland), fostered a feeling of safety and belonging for people in recovery in the leather community through speaking openly about her own recovery, as well making recovery meetings more accessible, and has instigated the spreading of Drummer North America as far and wide as possible through encouragement and engagement in #DNAnigans across the country and the #womenofdrummer movement.

For decades, New Yorker Cheryl Stewart has been working to make the leather community what it is today. A long-time Lesbian Sex Mafia member, Steward has, through ups and downs and thick and thin, helped weave the fabric that binds us and supports us. Without her efforts, I wouldn’t be writing Mid-Atlantic Mondays or wearing the sash I wear. Thank you, Cheryl, for your blood, sweat, tears, and willingness to weather the storms and create space for all of us time and again!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Meet Destiny Amber

Destiny Amber, a Philadelphia resident who grew up in the small town of Pittston, Pennsylvania, may be young but is known to be wise beyond her years. She has already started making her mark in multiple ways, including serving as the current titleholder for Philadelphia Fetish, sharing her graphic design skills with many organizations and events, reading tarot cards for charity, leading the Philadelphia TNG (The Next Generation) a group for kinksters aged 18-35 and their partners, as well as volunteering and collaborating whenever possible. Whether behind a microphone or behind the scenes, Destiny puts her all into whatever she does and brings positive energy to it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Meet Bianca Spencer

Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2017

In the history of women’s leather, one of the most important groups is Lesbian Sex Mafia, the oldest continuously run BDSM support group in the U.S. The group is coming back to the forefront and kicking some ass in N.Y.C. and beyond. I met Bianca Spencer last year during a women’s history panel with LSM members. I met her again when I had the good fortune and honor of marching with LSM in the N.Y.C. Pride Parade. The Brooklyn resident made an amazing impression on me, seeming to have a quiet strength and desire to help the group flourish and the dedication to help make that happen. If you have not met her yet, I hope you have the opportunity sooner rather than later.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Meet Jadelynn Wikkid

Jadelynn Wikkid prefers the shadows. She prefers being close to the ground, at people’s feet, creating connection through leathercare. Bootblacks are the unsung heroes of the leather community, making us all look amazing and keeping our leathers in tip-top shape for the long-term. Jadelynn has held two titles, Philadelphia Bootblack 2015 as well as being the current (and first ever) Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack (2017). She remains humble, hard-working, and as approachable as a person could possibly be who just wants to show people the beauty of the art of bootblacking. She currently resides in Haddonfield, New Jersey.


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