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About the Publisher

Pride Media LTD., the publisher of Baltimore OUTloud is owned by people steeped in activism for decades– lavender activists to be precise– committed to sexual liberation and social justice. Combined, our board of directors has more than 75 years of experience working and volunteering for and with non-profit organizations. Many of us have been involved in queer organizations for three decades or more. We have lived our lives as part of the struggle for our liberation.

We believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning people are the queer members of society, that we are truly different and that to be different is a good thing. For it is our queerness, our differing orientation, that allows us to be outsiders, and to look at our political, social, and economic culture with an outsider's understanding. Our life experiences give us this detachment. For even when we are playing the part of the good mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, classmate, colleague, and friend, we are not fully a part of those worlds; we know that we are different. We feel that “otherness” in all that we do. And in a real sense, when we are at our best, it is this special orientation of ours that fuels our energy, our creativity, and especially our compassion.

We know that many do not accept us. Some hate us! And when we gain a level of acceptance, it is tenuous at best. The safety of an urban gay ghetto can evaporate in an instant. The very real threats that we all face are amplified for those in our community who won't or can't pass. The gender benders are especially vulnerable.

We are determined to improve our lot, and to hold the wider community responsible for actions that attack our humanity. But we are also aware that our lives are tied to the broader world. Of course, we will rally support for gay rights initiatives, marriage equality, domestic partner benefits, and adoption rights. But we recognize that a prohibition against job discrimination based on sexual orientation will have little practical effect if the economy is in the tank and there are few jobs to be had. What good is it to have marriage equality or domestic partner benefits if affordable health care is out of reach for both partners in a relationship.

For these reasons, we provide coverage and commentary that reach beyond what might be viewed as the lgbt ghetto of news, events, and ideas. Surely, we will cover the queer community thoroughly and hopefully provocatively. But we will also give voice to those people and organizations promoting a progressive agenda for political, economic, and social justice.

We are committed to the institutions in our community. Baltimore has been fortunate to benefit from years of queer activism. We will support and encourage those committed to the cause. Although we expect accountability, we will not gratuitously attack our organizations. We have too many enemies to be afforded the luxury to cannibalize our own. In publishing Baltimore OUTloud as an independent voice for the LGBT community, we intend it to be a positive force that will further the cause of our liberation. Come join us in the joy, celebration, hard work, and struggle of being OUTloud in Baltimore and beyond.


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